I’ve been on holiday for almost two weeks now and am on serious down-time.  I have avoided all online activities, and especially anything to do with work, and have been enjoying spectacular weather and scenery in Vancouver and surrounds.  I still have a few more days to chill out, but thought I’d put up a short post to say hello, and “I’m still here”.

I have, of course, managed to bring my knitting along.  I am working on a beautiful shawl in laceweight cashmere yarn; it’s perfect travel knitting – compact, lightweight, and easy.  The yarn, Karei by Ito, is gorgeous:


The finished shawl will weigh only 125 grams, and it is almost translucent when knitted up:


I have managed to knit in some absolutely gorgeous spots.  Here I am knitting on the porch of Jill’s house on Lilloet Lake.  (Jill is the friend who made the teddy bear featured in this post.)


Why am I looking away from that spectacular view?  Because the views the other way are just as good!

And here I am knitting on Gibson’s Beach, halfway between Powell River and Lund on the Sunshine Coast:


One last photo before I take back up the holiday mantle.  Here are the four of us, at the lake, each wearing a stranded hat:


That’s me in Peerie Flooers, Leah in Bousta Beanie, Doug in Cascade, and Emma in Raven.