You could knit it for me!

Last week, the Guardian newspaper online published a photo journal from the 2013 London men’s fashion week.  As I looked through the photos, I thought that I found the perfect outfit for Doug:

J.W Anderson AW 2013The above look, from J. W. Anderson’s “Mathematics of Love” collection is described by the Guardian as “an exercise in gender bending”.

“Look, Doug,” I said.  “Can’t you see yourself in this?”

Leah strenuously objected.

“Ok,” I said.  “Here is one much more appropriate for your Dad.  “What do you think?”

Agi & Sam AW 2013Unfortunately, neither Doug nor Leah were overly enthused by this number, by Agi and Sam, either.

“Here, give me that laptop,” says Doug, who then looks through the fashion collection.  “This one,” he says.  “This is the one that I want”, pointing to an outfit by Sibling:

Mens London Collection“Really, Doug?  You want this one?”


“Really?  But why?”

“Because,” he says, “you could knit it for me!”

5 thoughts on “You could knit it for me!

  1. Looking forward to seeing a future post here with Doug modeling this after you knit it up. I would put aside any projects you might be working on and start knitting this. And of course you need to take the pictures of him trying it on for sizing every few inches you knit. Doug- you’re a good sport.

  2. Hahahaha, I’d like to watch red-cowl-boy with those oh-so-practical roving mitts (CO 8 sts, k 10 rounds, bind off) fumble with the lock on our wood shed at -30C windchill dressed like that. The poor thing would die of exposure. At least we’d be able to locate his frozen body in a get-up like that LOL!

    Unfathomable, fashion like that. I’m all for avant-garde, but really…it’s pushing the limit a bit too much for my taste. Let’s swing the pendulum back a bit.

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