Lockdown Flashback #2

For this Lockdown Flashback, let’s look at a post written way back in May of 2013: Venetian Audrey modelled. I had knitted a beautiful pullover for Emma while she was away at her first year of university, but although I had posted about the knitting process quite a bit, I was unable to get any modelled photos of the finished pullover until she came home for the summer.  The sweater pattern is called Audrey and was designed by Kim Hargreaves.  I’ve actually knit Audrey twice; the first time for me, followed a few years later by this version for Emma.

I am especially proud of this knit.  I had to do extensive re-writing of the pattern to get it to fit her (and to convert it to the round).  I was very concerned about getting the fit exactly right, and as it was knit entirely in rib and Emma was not around to try it on, it was not an easy task.  It took endless measurements, lots of patience, some ripping and re-knitting, and a fair bit of math. I think it was worth it: don’t you?


Keep well everyone!

Lockdown Flashback #1

With so many of us under lockdown due to the pandemic, or living under varying degrees of self-isolation, I thought that I would introduce a new feature.  I don’t know about you, but I am seeking out things to read that aren’t full of gloom and doom, and things to distract me from constantly refreshing the news.  These are anxious and very weird days and it is good to have some time in which to knit, and smile, and read un-complicated things.  I thought about producing more content, but, let’s face it, that would take time away from knitting, which I already know is good for managing anxiety.

So, I thought to make a little post – a lockdown flashback – every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which contains a link to a previous post on this blog, with a little introduction.  I have over 450 posts to choose from, encompassing just under ten years of writing this blog.  I will continue to write a normal post every weekend, to keep you fully current on my adventures in knitting.  I will try this for a few weeks and see what you think.  If you enjoy it, I will keep it up for awhile.

I randomly looked at previous posts titles and found one called When you need a rainbow…knit one!  This seemed like a good place to start, as a rainbow sounds pretty nice right now.  I wrote this post in March 2017.  It shows off a new pair of mitts, knitted in rainbow colours and photographed against the bright and cheerful backgrounds of early spring in Henley-on-Thames.


Take care!