Two is not too many

A few weeks ago, the lovely Dayana of Dayana Knits, published a post about her WIPs.  (For those not in the know, a WIP is a work-in-progress.)  She started the post with a photo of all of her WIPs piled on top of each other in a neat stack.  Since Dayana is a very accomplished knitter who chooses interesting and challenging projects, the pile was very pretty, with lots of colour and fancy stitchwork.  This started me thinking about my own WIPs.  Now that I have finished off Leah’s sweater, I have only two!  These two:

1-IMG_9822On the bottom is Exeter, an amazing double-breasted heavily cabled jacket designed by Michele Wang for Brooklyn Tweed.  When done, it will look like this:

copyright Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

copyright Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed


Both sleeves are finished, washed, and blocked, the back is very nearly done, and I have started on the ribbing for the left front.  The front pieces, which include the collar, are both large and fiddly, however, so there is still much to be done.

The WIP on the top is the gorgeous Soumak Scarf Wrap designed by Lisa Richardson for Rowan 54.  When finished, it will look like this (except, of course, on me!):

copyright Rowan Yarns 2013

copyright Rowan Yarns 2013

There are seven pattern repeats in this shawl and I have finished 5 1/4 of them.  Close, but no cigar!  That also does not take into account all of the ends that will need to be woven in:


Dayana commented in her post that “nothing is quite so pleasing (and yet so alarming) as piling them all on top of each other!”  Dayana’s alarm was no doubt due to the fact that she had quite a few projects on the go (I counted; it was 7).   I, too, was alarmed but for a far different reason.  I cast on for the Soumak Wrap on September 13, 2013!  That was (just) over a year ago!  And, I cast on my lovely Exeter on February 17, 2013!  Clearly, this is a case of the never-ending knit!

So I ask you, Dear Reader, what do you think was my immediate thought upon reading Dayana’s post?  Was it to devote my efforts to finishing off these long-lingering projects?  I fear not.  My very first thought was:  I have too few WIPs!  Yes, I am the very same knit blogger who once wrote a post about the utter insanity of having too many WIPs.  However, as I am sure we can all agree, when it comes to WIPs, two is not too many.

That leads us to this:


A clever knitter, faced with two never-ending projects, would cast on for something quick – a hat perhaps, or some speedy mitts.  So what did I do?  I decided to knit a turtleneck sweater in fingering weight yarn.  Above, you can see the “turtleneck” portion of my new top-down knit-in-the-round turtleneck.  The pattern was designed by Hannah Fettig and is called the Lightweight Pullover. When it is done, it will look like this:

copyright Quince & Co

copyright Quince & Co

I am knitting it with Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Tart.  Perhaps next September, it will show up in a post about long-lingering WIPs!

20 thoughts on “Two is not too many

  1. Two was definitely not too many as they both look pretty complicated. The lightweight turtleneck may well take a while to knit but the colour’s gorgeous and it will surely be some relaxing mindless knitting!

  2. Two is hardly enough! But, speaking as someone who usually has about 15, I probably shouldn’t be encouraging you. Can’t wait to see the finished wrap, tho. Looks gorgeous already!

  3. oooooh, I love the way you added a luscious third project. 🙂 I dont; have any big, long term knits going right now – some socks, hat and a scarf is it. You make me want to cast on a sweater….

  4. You are so disciplined – only two wips – that’s not enough 😉
    I have 4 shawls in my knittingbag, socks, one long-term project (a big blanket out of squares in 62 different colours) and a million plans what I would like to knit or crochet.
    If I would dive in the depht of my knitting boxes I surely would find a few more projects waiting to be finished ….

  5. Three is positively frugal and almost Puritan! If it helps I have worked out when my projects need to be done by, calculated the no of rows per day and have a little postcard with the daily quota of rows for my 4 wips, a leaf green garter stitch shawl, an ombre sideways scarf, poppies for charity and mitred blocks. It might help! X

  6. TWO IS DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH!!!!!! Do you know how relieved I was to see that 3rd one appear? Oh, man, do I feel better. I did cheat on my pile, I had 2 finished ones in there. BUT to my credit, I neglected to add 2 from LAST YEAR (same start as your Soumak wrap!) which were not included due to shame. So damn. The count is still 7. Or possibly 9, shhh, don’t tell. Final thought: my pile is not nearly so cool as the one with the waterfall of ends, I think next time I’ll try an inside-out pile, lol!

    • You realize that you’ve taken on the role of enabler here, Dayana. All of your beautiful projects are clearly implicated in my recent urges to cast on everything. (And I mean Everything.) I think I feel a bout of cast-on-itis coming on….

  7. Two is really not enough! I dread to think how many I have on the go, but none so pretty or as complicated as yours, apart from my BMC by Kate Davies I am longing to wear it so am hoping it will give me the impetus to keep knitting.
    I have managed to almost finish (just need to get buttons and ribbons) projects today one I am happy with – one not so much.
    I love the turtle neck pattern – off to ravelry to see if I can find it!

  8. I agree too, two is not too many, but in my case, only one (or two) WIPs are large ones — unlike you, I’ll never finish any of them otherwise… 🙂

    And your shawl looks really good already. I would’ve left those numerous ends hanging and considered it done! 😛

  9. You show admirable restraint! Like Dayana mentioned, I was also relieved to see a third WIP added to the pile!

    When your Soumak is finally finished you will wonder what made you procrastinate! It’s one of my favorite FO’s. The Exeter is going to be gorgeous!

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