Knitting with penguins

In my last post, I mentioned that I was off to see penguins.  Given that I once wrote a post called Knitting with Elephants, I thought I would put up a fast post on Knitting with Penguins.  I am sitting in the lounge about to fly back home and this seems like a fun way to pass the time!


We went down to Boulders Beach, south of Cape Town, a magical beach where African Penguins and people share the beach and the water.  There are thousands of penguins up and down the beach, running around in the grass, and standing on rocks in the sun:


Of course, I had to take out my knitting, and knit with penguins (as you do)!


Here is a close-up which shows the brilliant colours in the fair isle hat I am knitting.


We saw lots of adult penguins with chicks:


I love this photo where the two chicks appear to be making jokes behind their dad’s back:


This little one has lots of character:


I’m off to cold and dark England now, but before I left I made sure to check for penguins under the car: