Sweater design: A cautionary tale

A humorous piece in the Guardian today is about an unfortunate sweater design being sold at the retailer FatFace.  As the tag line on the article says: “Shoppers have spotted an image that ‘cannot be unseen’ in the design of this FatFace sweater – much to their amusement”.

a cautionary tale

Photo: Publicity Image, from Guardian, “What a boob! Why this fair isle jumper is turning heads”, October 28, 2019

I looked at the sweater for a few minutes without seeing anything off; however, I can truthfully testify that once you see it, it cannot be unseen.

I asked Emma and Doug what I should name this post.  Emma, ever the smart alec and word pundit, came up with the following options within seconds:

  • Breast in show
  • Breast laid plans
  • Man’s breast friend
  • No breast for the wicked
  • Breast seller
  • Get it now before it’s laid to breast
  • Breast Buy

Doug, not to be outdone, provided the following (with help from Emma and Kelly):

There once was a girl from St. Jude
Whose sweater was terribly rude
With boobs by the row
It made quite the show;
Fair Isle's not meant to be lewd.

(Perhaps, as a family, we need to find a hobby?)

To all of you budding sweater designers, take this as a precautionary tale.  This could have been avoided with a change in colour scheme or pattern placement.  A test drive might be in order for your next design.