Forest, Lake, and City

We had a great holiday in Germany, exploring forest, lake, and city. Very little knitting was accomplished, mostly due to shoulder problems, so this post is a knitting-free zone. We spent a week in Freiburg with our friend, Inge. (We stayed at the home of Inge’s sister and brother-in-law, Eva and Klaus, who were very generous and lovely people, lending us their home and showing us their city.) During that time we went for long walks in the forest, explored the city, ate lots of cake, and enjoyed each other’s company. We then all three went by train to the Bodensee (Lake Konstanz) where we spent three nights in the Bad Hotel in Uberlingen, followed by three nights at the amazing spa hotel Hirschen Horn in Gaienhofen. Our friends, Theo and Jonnie, moved to the area a few years ago and were great guides. The five of us had a smashing time.

Here are some of the many photos of forest, lake, and city (and cake).

The hills above Freiburg:

By the lake, Uberlingen:

Meersburg (just to the left of the yellow building is the terrace of the restaurant where we ate dinner, with a spectacular view of the lake):

Dinner on said terrace in Meersburg; Inge (looking fabulous) with Doug:

Engravings on the buildings in the old town of Konstanz:

There was lots of cake consumed on this trip. The below piece is super special to me, because it was gluten-free (yay!) and absolutely amazing.

Up above the Lake:

At the Bad Hotel, Uberlingen:

This church is next to the hotel in Gaienhofen and we could see it from our balcony. Jonny and I are making shadow pictures on the wall:

The lake at sunset, taken from Hagnau. The mountains across the lake are the Swiss Alps.

Imperia. Statue in Konstanz. She holds in her hands Pope Martin V and Emperor Sigismund. The statue refers to the Council of Konstanz (1414-1418), which took place in Konstanz. It is one of about 40 statues by Perter Lenk that Doug took photos of on this trip, many of which I wouldn’t post here, but all of which are great and very funny to boot.

Steeple from Stein am Rhein (Switzerland):

Close-up of the dragon:

House in Stein am Rhein with a pleasing pattern:

We went to a great museum in St. Margen of the clock-making history of the Black Forest. Amongst all of the old, traditional clocks, was this modern one:

Here is a video which I took at the Basilica de Birnau. It shows not only the amazing Basilica, but also the spectacular view. (It also has Doug, caught unaware, which is pretty funny.)

Another glorious view of the lake, taken at Birnau:

A picture perfect evening sky:

That seems like a good place to stop. It was a lovely trip (even without any knitting)!