End of year round-up 2021

This has been a strange year. I have lacked focus this year, working super hard at the day job and then not having the head space for much else. I know I am not alone in this regard. I traditionally write a post at the end of each year, showcasing all of the knitting projects that I finished during the year. It will be an easy task this time: I finished only four projects. One is a hat, and the other three are garments which conveniently lack full-length sleeves.

I started the year with the beautiful Ursula Waistcoat which I knitted for Doug (blogged here). I liked everything about this one; it was fun to knit and it looks great on him:

Then I knitted two short sleeve tees for myself. The linen Tin Roof (blogged here), which has an interesting construction and allowed me to use up some stash yarn and play with colours:

And the Dyemonds tee (blogged here), which was a bit out of my colour comfort zone, but which turned out to be pretty striking:

I finished that one in mid-July and didn’t finish another project until last week, when I knitted the Upper West hat (blogged here):

That’s not too much to show for the year, but we all know that finished projects are not what it’s all about. Knitting is a great creative resource and a mental health booster, even in those years when I do it more sporadically. This also hides the fact that I have two sweaters close to finishing. I had finished most of Myrtle, before putting it aside to knit Caravay for Emma. I am pulling out all of the stops to try to finish that one while I am here in Vancouver. If I succeed, I will start off the 2022 knitting year with a bang.

I am happy to put 2021 to bed. It was a very difficult year. But things must be looking up. I am surrounded by my fabulous family, the best back-up support system anyone can have:

The sun is shining, the air is crisp and clear, good times are on the horizon. Be well, keep safe, and best wishes for the New Year from me and the whole Knitigating Circumstances team.

End of year round-up 2019

I am fundamentally an optimist (if a slightly cynical one), so I will not discuss all of the trials and tribulations and disappointments of 2019.  Ending the decade on a low note means that we will hopefully go up from here in the next decade.

There have been lots of lovely things this year, including my knitting and this blog.  I have finished fewer projects this year, but have enjoyed them all and each of them gets lots of wear.  I finished 7 projects:



Clockwise from top, these are: (Links are to my post with the finished project; further details can be found therein.)

  1. Highland Rogue Cowl, designed by Kate Davies
  2. Raven Hat, designed by Janine Bajus
  3. Sunset Mesa Cowl, designed by Jennifer Berg
  4. Tensho Pullover, designed by Beatrice Perron Dahlen
  5. Sparkling cardigan, designed by Sus Gepard
  6. Tadami Cashmere Scarf, designed by ITO Yarn and Design
  7. Sofi Jacket, designed by Hanne Flakenberg

The item which has been worn the most is undoubtedly the Tensho pullover.  I knitted this one for my daughter Leah, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been worn for 60 days so far this year.  I think she would live in it if possible.  (This makes me so happy!)  For me, the most worn item is definitely my Highland Rogue Cowl, which took seemingly forever to knit, but which I like more every time I put it on.

I wrote 51 posts this year, which amounted to 22,000 words.  This is my 440th post since I started the blog.  I had viewers from 106 countries this year, with the top five being the US, Poland, the UK, Canada, and Germany.  Knitting blogs seem to have taken a hit this year once again, with all of the action seemingly moving to Instagram.  I am not on Instagram so am nearly a dinosaur here blogging away, but I like it, so here I am!  My top posts this year were:

  1. Business Class Cowl  (written in 2016)
  2. To gusset or not to gusset  (written in 2016)
  3. A baker’s dozen of men’s knitted vest patterns  (written in 2017)
  4. It’s all in the finishing: Hanne Falkenberg’s Sofi Combi Jacket
  5. Highland Rogue Cowl
  6. Laceweight Cashmere Shawl
  7. Tensho for the win!
  8. Time to learn Danish!

We did some travelling this year, with trips to Berlin (with the girls!), Vancouver (twice!), Arizona, Denmark, and Spain. I managed to break my ankle in Denmark, from which I am still trying to recover.  We modelled hand-knitted hats at Lake Lillooet in British Columbia, Canada in June:


And we modelled silly Christmas hats last week here in England:


I wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year! May the new decade bring renewed hope and activism, and lots of creative endeavors, knitting and otherwise.