A brief, unscheduled intermission

Hi folks, Emma here! Mom has asked me to write everyone a quick message to assure you that she has not forgotten about the blog, and to reassure you that she will be back to all things knitting soon.

We have had an eventful week at chez Knitigating Circumstances, culminating in an ambulance ride and a very long night at the hospital. Both Doug and Kelly are currently down with covid, and myself and Leah are recovering from acute anxiety relating to trying to decide if we need to fly home. I am happy to report though that all is well – covid aside – Leah and I are still in Canada, and Doug and Kelly are in bed. Luckily (?) I had covid back in February so we were pretty prepared for how the disease works and the timelines to expect, but it has still been pretty miserable for them. Brain fog has also meant that Kelly doesn’t trust herself to knit! So she is feeling a little extra miserable. I don’t have much to add, but I will keep everyone updated if Mom is still out for the next week.

In the meantime, Kelly will still be reading comments, and well wishes are always appreciated! Thank you everyone for your understanding. Over and out!