A brief, unscheduled intermission

Hi folks, Emma here! Mom has asked me to write everyone a quick message to assure you that she has not forgotten about the blog, and to reassure you that she will be back to all things knitting soon.

We have had an eventful week at chez Knitigating Circumstances, culminating in an ambulance ride and a very long night at the hospital. Both Doug and Kelly are currently down with covid, and myself and Leah are recovering from acute anxiety relating to trying to decide if we need to fly home. I am happy to report though that all is well – covid aside – Leah and I are still in Canada, and Doug and Kelly are in bed. Luckily (?) I had covid back in February so we were pretty prepared for how the disease works and the timelines to expect, but it has still been pretty miserable for them. Brain fog has also meant that Kelly doesn’t trust herself to knit! So she is feeling a little extra miserable. I don’t have much to add, but I will keep everyone updated if Mom is still out for the next week.

In the meantime, Kelly will still be reading comments, and well wishes are always appreciated! Thank you everyone for your understanding. Over and out!

28 thoughts on “A brief, unscheduled intermission

  1. How unfortunate! And how considerate to keep those of us who treasure Kelly’s blog informed. Best wishes to the entire family. Oh Covid, get outta here.

  2. Thanks Emma! I hope they both feel better quickly and that Kelly finds energy for some restorative knitting soon.

  3. Was just getting ready to write to see how you both are doing, and low and behold, a somewhat positive report written by Emma. Sending our love and hope you are back to “normal” soon💞💞

  4. Do hope you are all feeling a little better. It can be so nasty and linger on. Sending warm wishes and lots of knitting time, when you’re feeling up to it.

  5. Adding high hopes for quickest possible recovery for all to each stitch I knit (in the brioche wasteland of every row requiring two rows of knitting at the moment so it’s a fair amount of hoping going on…) All best…

  6. Emma, great to hear from you and we all appreciate the update on your parents. And what wonderful daughters to consider flying home to care for them!! They are blessed indeed. Speedy recovery to you, Kelly and Doug. (Meantime just let your daughters entertain us! )

  7. Oh goodness! Hope everyone is on the mend and back at it again soon. No knitting; that’s a true emergency!

  8. Best wishes to your folks, Emma, for a speedy recovery and for renewed pleasure in knitting for Kelly very soon. Look forward to hearing about the return to non-covid world whenever that happens.

  9. Thank you for letting us know, Emma! Glad to hear that Kelly and Doug are on the mend, and hope that they are fully recovered soon! Also hoping that you and Leah are feeling better too 🙂 Best wishes to you all for quick healing!!

  10. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for both of you. And thank you to Emma for letting us know. Rest and sleep as much as you need to, both of you.

  11. Sorry to hear you’ve been hit so hard with the dreaded Covid. Hope you’re soon feeling better and your brain gets back to full working speed soon.
    Thanks Emma for the update x

  12. Hi, sending love and good vibes and wishes for quick recovery for both of you from Luxembourg. Fühlt euch virtuell umarmt.
    Jeannine, a mostly silent reader for a long time

  13. Get well soon! You must be tossing for who gets up to make the tea! Blanket squares Kelly or log blanket squares or scarves with leftovers. You always need a project for brain dead (or visitors)

  14. Thank you for letting us know! Sending healing thoughts to both Doug and Kelly. The knitting will be there when she’s ready for it. xoxo KellyInTexas

  15. OM goodness! When you’re going full tilt these things hit when least expected. So sorry that Covid took hold of both of you, especially when the world has just started to open up. And, Emma thanks for the update. So stressful for you and Leah trying to make such a decision. Take care Kelly and Doug and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  16. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. The knitting can always wait. Just get lots of rest and hope you both are feeling better soon xx

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