Lace meets Wall

I just saw this and was absolutely blown away, The artist NeSpoon travels around Europe and paints murals based on local lace-making traditions. The Guardian has a pictorial article today on her work, entitled Lace-inspired murals celebrating European folk traditions – in pictures. It is absolutely stunning. The text states:

 Each design is unique, inspired by the people she meets and the tales she hears. ‘Wherever I am, I meet and interview members of the local lace guild, and scour museums and historical sources for inspiration,’ she says. ‘I often ask people who live nearby if they have any lace at home. I always find something interesting.’

from The Guardian, July 22, 2023, link above

Look at this gorgeous example from Greece:

Patras, Greece. 2021. LeSpoon. In The Guardian, July 22, 2023, Link

I love this one from France; look at the fantastic integration of the lace with the architecture:

Alençon, France, 2018. LeSpoon. In The Guardian, July 22, 2023, link

Fancy some Scottish lace? Here is one from Aberdeen:

Aberdeen Scotland, 2023. LeSpoon. In The Guardian, July 22, 2023. Link

I think that these are drop dead gorgeous. And so respectful to a traditional craft. Go and check out the rest. You won’t be sorry.