Goldilocks moment

If you have experienced the “post-Covid fatigue and brain fog” thing, then you might relate to this story. It has been a while now since Covid struck, and I am still having troubles with energy levels, motivation, and, yes, brain power. I decided that I needed to knit something small and easy, something that doesn’t require much thought. (The fact that we have had a heat wave here might have also contributed to the wish to cast on a small project, instead of finishing off a big shawl.)

I cast on a hat. Isn’t it pretty? Even Buddha approves.

The pattern is Field of Wildflowers by Joji Locatelli, and I am using Fyberspates Vivacious DK in Blueberry Imps.

Since I am substituting DK for Worsted, I cast on in a Large, in order to end up with a Medium. The pattern calls for either 6 or 7 pattern repeats before starting the crown decreases. I was pretty sure that my row gauge indicated that I should knit the smaller number of pattern repeats, and also the hat looked really long to me. However, I kept recalling that the last hat which I knitted (the Puf Hat) also felt really long, and it in fact is really just a tad too short:

Ever since I finished it, I have been intending to rip out the crown and re-knit it an inch longer. So, keeping in mind that my new Wildflower Hat should be as least as long as the Puf hat, if not longer, I knitted 7 pattern repeats before starting the crown. Look how pretty it is:

Look at it next to the Puf Hat. See how they are the same length?

Now, think back to the Covid brain fog. Why did I start this post by mentioning that? Because….duh!… the Puf Hat has a folded up brim! When the brim is folded, this is what they look like:

I dare you not to laugh! Still don’t believe me? Below is a photo of these two hats with my fantastic Raven Hat (which I blogged about here). Can you sense the Goldilocks theme? (Puf hat is too small, and Wildflower hat is too big, but Raven hat is just right!)

Ha ha! Clearly, I need more recovery time. I shouldn’t be doing anything which involves using my brain. (In all fairness, I must point out that this problem is highly reminiscent of one I had in 2016 and blogged about in the aptly titled, and I think very funny post, teeny tiny hat. I did not have Covid to blame then!)

With hopes that your Goldilocks moment is confined to porridge and not your knitting!

6 thoughts on “Goldilocks moment

  1. Oh dear! When I read the post’s title, I was hoping that this newest hat would be your “just right” hat. Like you, however, in my time I’ve had plenty of “brain fog” project snafus that couldn’t be blamed on covid . . .

    • Gretchen, you are absolutely right: a Goldilocks moment should be that moment when it works out right. In which case, I should hope that your Goldilocks moment does apply to your knitting as well as your porridge. Further proof that my brain’s at half power! To be fair, I originally titled this post “The long and the short of it”, only to discover I’ve already used that title.

  2. Well the hat is beautiful…ooh that yarn colour 💜. Can you not just fold the brim on your new one to get the perfect length? I had Covid in March and this spring/summer is the least I’ve ever felted, I barely did anything in the vegetable garden, I haven’t done any of the list of painting wooden windows or the front door that needs doing, or the fence, or much of anything I’d usually get done. I thought I was being a bit lazy this year but now I’m wondering if it has been post-Covid related. 🤔

  3. An oops moment ! My brain fog seems semi permanent these days – so I have avoided many things that involve counting . I feel your pain! Still a nice hat though – maybe to be gifted to a small person?!

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