teeny tiny hat

Step 1: These are my excuses, and I’m standing by them.


teeny tiny hat 2

Step 2:  On the bottom, my Peerie Flooers hat, which is a very snug fit.  On the top, the teeny tiny hat, which I knit for myself in an apparently delusional state; see Step 1.


Step 3: The “head thunk”; self-explanatory:


Step 4: Rip!!!!!


19 thoughts on “teeny tiny hat

  1. Did I miss mention of the pattern? Looks like a great hat but my big head will require some mods or lager needles.

    • Thank you. In this case, it is more annoyance than pain. If it had been a sweater I was ripping, than it may have been a different story. I was actually more annoyed that I had nothing to blog about (how is that for crazy?).

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