Quick trip to Copenhagen and a new project

Last weekend, I flew to Copenhagen to visit my friend, Erun. I took a bunch of knitting with me, as I expected we would be lazy all weekend. We were mostly lazy all weekend, but I didn’t knit a single stitch!

We did a lot of walking: we walked 12 km on the Saturday and 10 on the Sunday. We went to a museum. We went to two yarn shops. We bought fish at the market. We went out to eat a nice Nordic meal, and Erun cooked me a fantastic dinner. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? In truth, we were both pretty much exhausted, and when we weren’t walking I was collapsed on the couch, unable to contemplate moving, much less knitting. Erun has a new job, I am super busy at work, and we had almost no sleep while I was there. Not, I might add, due to us partying all night, but due to other people (lots of them) partying all night in the building across the street.

You can see in the above photo that I am wearing a new knitted hat. You may recall that I bought some yarn on my last trip to Helsinki (which I blogged about here). This included two balls of Puf by Gepard Garn in a green shade. In the shop, they had a sample knitted up as a hat and I asked for the pattern, which they gave me, typed out on a piece of paper, in Finnish. I was fairly confident that I could translate it, but I lost it, so the point was moot. So I just knitted a hat, without a pattern:

This is not my favorite hat, not by a long shot, but in the interests of documenting projects on my blog, I include it here. It can be worn with the brim turned up, as in the above photos, or with the brim down, in which case the hat is more slouchy:

If you are in Copenhagen, you might visit the Copenhagen Contemporary, where we saw the exhibit Light and Space, which is on until the 4th of September. It was quite an enjoyable exhibit and very well laid out. The extra high ceilings and big rooms of the space meant that you could walk around and interact with the art in a pleasing way. Here is Erun engaging with a piece by Olafur Eliasson:

There were two exhibits we especially liked. One was by Ann Linn Palm Hansen. Below is a photo which gives you a sense of the size.

The part that really captivated me were the blue canvases on the left, which at first glance I thought contained Chinese characters. If you magnify the shot, you may get a sense of how whimsical and cool these canvases are.

We were really taken by an exhibit of James Turrell’s Roden Crater, which I had not heard of before. There were photos, and models, and a short film about it, and it was completely mesmerizing. He basically took an old volcano in Arizona and turned it into a fantastic piece of art, exploring light and space. (Even that sentence seems amazing. Check it out.)

As always, Copenhagen is lovely. It has such pretty colours; even on a grey day, it is cheery.

We resisted floating along the harbour in a hot tub, but it strikes me as quintessentially Copenhagen:

It was good to see Erun, to be back in Copenhagen, and to do so much walking. But this weekend, I am really, truly going to do nothing. Except knit, of course.

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