End of year round-up 2020

It is traditional for me to have a round-up of my knitting and blogging at the end of the year. This year has been a very complicated and scary one and it is a difficult year to write about. So I will avoid politics and pandemics, and stick to knitting!

I finished ten projects in 2020 – one pair of mittens, one hat, one cushion, two shawls, and 5 sweaters. Here they are in order of completion. The links are to the blog post with the finished project; details can be found therein.


Cool Boots Shawl – Neutrals


Knit Me Baby, One More Time


Vodka Lemonade

Match & Move


Lanesplitter Cushion

West Wind Mittens

I wrote 72 blog posts this year, for a total of 512 posts. While most are about knitting in one way or another, I wrote two posts that were more personal, and which I very much enjoyed writing: this one about my family history during the 1918 flu, and this one about Christmas memories.

While, in keeping with tradition, I have listed here my completed projects of the year, I would like to note that knitting is not only about the finished project. Knitting is a reflective, fun, relaxing, meditative, and creative process; one which helps me to maintain a healthy perspective and a better state of mind. Every problem seems a bit more manageable when I have some knitting in my hands. It allows me to process things, often subconsciously, so that I can function. It gives me clarity. It is the process of knitting which produces these results, not the end product. So, whatever you have knitted on this year, whether finished or not, whether beautiful or wonky, take joy in it!

I wish everyone a better New Year. May we stay safe and healthy and find joy and clarity.

9 thoughts on “End of year round-up 2020

  1. Happy new year to you and yours! You got a lot of great knitting in, in spite of this year and all it threw at you 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing what you’ve been up to – best wishes for a great coming year 🙂

    • I was really surprised when I was putting this together and saw the photo of Doug wearing the hat. We were in London that weekend, attending a major international crafts fair, surrounded by thousands of people. I also bought a small suitcase that weekend because I was taking so many one and two night business flights. I can’t believe how long ago that feels! Surely it wasn’t in 2020. How things have changed in so short a time!

      • Oh, I know! It was this time last year I was getting ready to start on my very heavy travel section of the year. As it was, two trips and I was done. 2020 was such a weird year after mid-March.

  2. Hello Kelly,
    I have been reading your blog for some time now – you’re part of my list of knitting blogs that I enjoy with breakfast, and I thought I’d just say hi, and say thanks for the little snippets of knitting you share, as well as the photos from various places around the world.
    I live in Montreal, but spent a few years in Vancouver, so I am especially fond of catching glimpses of that beautiful place.
    My other favorite posts of yours are the ones where you show us how old knitting projects have worn over time. It isn’t information that’s very easy to find, yet all of us knitters hope that the things we spend so many hours working on will last in our wardrobes for a long time!
    Best wishes to you and your loved ones at the start of this new year, and until things settle, that knitting will make things a little bit lighter.

    • Dear Anne-Laure, thank you so much for taking the time to write. It is a lovely letter and made my day! I am really happy that you enjoy reading the blog. I don’t know how much travelling I will be doing this year, but I definitely have some Wearability Wednesday posts planned. Happy New Year! Best, Kelly

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