I finished knitting Hatcher a few weeks ago, and given the cold and overcast weather we have been experiencing, I’ve had lots of opportunities to wear it.

Hatcher (Ravelry link) was designed by Julie Hoover. I have long wanted to knit one of her patterns; this one has been in my queue since the pattern was released nearly four years ago. It is a very wearable, comfortable, and smart pullover.

I like her easy-going style and I like her attention to small details. Take for example, the double decreases (using a technique I had not seen before), used at the armscythes and sleeves, which provide for an excellent fit and beautiful full-fashioned tailoring.

The folded over neckline is also brilliant; it really makes a difference to the finished tee:

I knitted this using Kettle Yarn Beyul DK, a blend of Baby Yak, SIlk and Merino. It is luxurious, with a brilliant sheen and a soft feel reminiscent of cashmere. I enjoyed knitting with this yarn immensely. However, I am very worried about the potential to pill. A Raveler alerted me to her experience with the yarn (“very pilly”), and having worn this a few times, I am afraid it might be true. I will withhold judgement until it gets more wear and report back to you.

The real draw of the pullover is the cabling, which has perfect dimensions and really sets off both front and back:

I highly recommend this pattern; it is a quick knit, and very well-designed. I had some troubles getting the neckline to hit at the right spot of the cable pattern (detailed in this post), but I think the problems were more a result of my slightly-off row gauge, than any problems with the pattern.

I look at these photos and all I can think is “Yikes! Covid hair”! Here is the Covid mask to go with it:

I am really struggling with this new WordPress editor. This and being in a bit of a funk means I have been posting less. But never fear, I am knitting away as always.

15 thoughts on “Hatcher

  1. Long time reader and lurker…just wanted to say that your sweater looks really nice, but more importantly, so does your hair! Pretty streaks, and the length suits you!

  2. I was just thinking how great your hair looked in the 3rd picture and how well it suits you. The top looks great, very pretty, really neat cables and flattering. I’ve dug my long sleeve jumper out for wearing today as it’s going to be only 13°C at Highland wildlife park, I guess summer has been and gone here, our trees have already started changing to autumn colours! I think a long sleeve version of your top would look smart too.

  3. Hatcher looks great by itself and on you, I hope you two will enjoy a long and happy relationship.
    Regarding the yarn: I used Beyul DK Citrin for a lovely jacket and enjoyed knitting with it very much, but after wearing it about ten times, the darker fibre in the yarn came to the surface and produced a kind of dark cloud hoovering over the yellowish colour, and after a further ten times of wear the dark cloud started to condense in pilling. It is an awful pity, but the jacket simply does not look neat any more and I won´t use the yarn again.

    • Heidi, thank you so much for taking the time to detail this for me. I usually research new yarns before I buy them, but I bought this on impulse at a yarn fair with about 10 minutes remaining before closing. I am experiencing exactly this – a dark cloud of fuzz hovering over the lighter shade – after only one wear. I will try to be extra careful but it is sad, especially as the yarn feels fantastic.

  4. beautiful! it looks great on you!

    (and aren’t we all in that funk. ugh. thanks for continuing to share on your blog – i really enjoy your posts.)

      • The last time I stepped foot in a salon was October 2017. I did not stay away deliberately. I always wore my hair in a chin length bob. I had a family emergency that caused me to miss my appointment, then I just kept putting it off. Now it is half-way down my back!

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