I’m really happy to have finished my Treit pullover.

Treit (Ravelry link) is a lovely design by Kate Davies. The original pattern design is cropped and slightly boxy and looks great as a layering piece over a blouse. I choose to knit it with a linen blend, so in my head it took on a summer tee vibe rather than an autumn layer vibe. (Which makes it terribly inconvenient that I have finished it in October instead of May!)

The yarn is a wool and linen blend by Karin Öberg, called Kalinka 21, which I purchased from Ginger Twist Studio. It is 55% linen and 45% wool, sportweight blend that comes in some fantastic, bright shades. (This one is called Lime.) A 100 gram skein has 350 metres; I bought 3 skeins but knitted this tee with only two skeins! That makes this tee a super bargain! And see how beautifully it takes lace:

As with all of Kate’s designs, the pattern is beautifully written and edited with a great eye for the finest detail. The lace pattern is really pretty. It is a super fast knit. It took me exactly 4 weeks to knit this – and then another 4 weeks in which it hung around in a pile somewhere waiting for me to take the half hour necessary to graft the underarm stitches and weave in the ends.

I made the following adjustments:

1. I made it longer. This one measures 13.5 inches from the hem to the underarm, which adds 3 inches to the length.

2. I added waist shaping. I put in three sets of paired decreases and increases to add some shape at the waist.

3. I added fewer decreases at the neckline. The pattern in this size called for 108 stitches for the neck ribbing; I thought that would bring the neckline in too far, so on the last set of decreases, I made fewer of them, bringing the number of stitches down to 120 for the neck ribbing.

4. I knitted it with negative ease. I was a little under gauge, so I knitted the size 41 to get 39 inches at the chest, which gives 3 inches of negative ease.

These adjustments give it a more curvy shape instead of a short and boxy shape.

While waiting for Doug to fiddle with camera settings, I threw on a cowl to keep warm and sat down with my knitting to knock out a row. Doug snapped a shot:

I realised that I was wearing a Kate Davies-designed tee with a Kate Davies-designed cowl (knitted in Kate Davies wool), while knitting another Kate Davies design. Do you sense a theme, here? (I blogged about the lovely cowl here.)

Wishing you a lovely weekend and some peaceful knitting!

18 thoughts on “Treit

  1. Your Treit turned out just lovely! And it looks great with the cowl as well 🙂 Kate Davies does really come up with the loveliest designs. And that yarn looks amazing as well!

    • Jacket Lust! I know that syndrome well. This one is from Ted Baker. It’s probably 4-5 years old, though, so not in the current catalogue. I bought this when I had a promotion and wanted to look professional, but also wanted to be “me” and not look like a cookie-cutter woman in a business suit. I must say that although I lusted for this bright pink, I almost bought it in black in order to match a lot of stuff. Luckily, Doug talked me out of it!

  2. Love the colour and I think you’re right that pattern is more suited to a summer weight yarn than all wool. I like the fitted look too. One question – I feel I know KD’s patterns pretty well but what’s that you’re knitting?

    • Hi Deborah! It’s Ursula. Although the pattern is for a woman’s cardigan, I am knitting it as a waistcoat for Doug. Hopefully, it will turn out okay. I am a little wary of the steeks, but also how to adjust it to get the right fit at the underarms and shoulders.

      • Long had that on my to do list as I have a lovely daughter called Ursula – as with your daughters, a lot of my knitting goes her way.

  3. Beautiful sweater, Kelly! The colour and design looks lovely on you. Perhaps you’ll have a burst of warmer weather at some point so you can wear it …. maybe not! As we move into cooler weather in SW Ontario, there is little to no outdoor socializing (and we are avoiding indoor socializing) being done here, so no opportunity and little interest of wearing the knitted garments I am making! Your latest project is progressing well and I look forward to seeing more of it. Stay well and happy knitting. K

    • Doug and I are avoiding all socializing (and have done so since March). It will make for a very quiet winter. However, we are going for long walks as often as we can, and that means lots of opportunities to wear hats and mittens and wooly sweaters! Keep safe!

  4. I looks great, you really suit the style and colour. When I sit down my hips to chest is like he Michelin man so I can’t wear something so fitted so I am very jealous as it really looks great with the modifications you’ve added.

    • Sweaters always look better when one is standing! I am so impressed by the increasing array of beautifully designed and interesting patterns being made available in inclusive sizes. One of the joys of knitting is that we can make things that both fit our bodies and suit our personalities.

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