Peak Wisteria

Two weeks ago we had peak bluebells here and I couldn’t resist putting up some bluebell photos. Since some of you went out of your way to say that I wasn’t boring you with flower shots, today I’m here to show you wisteria.

It is definitely peak wisteria this week. In fact, it must be peak spring, as everything has burst into a spectacular display of colour and fragrance.

These photos were taken today at Grey’s Court (the same place where I took the bluebell photos). The wisteria here is 130 years old and is simply breath-taking.

Grey’s Court have had a wisteria watch on social media and must have put out the word that today was the day – with the blossoms in full bloom and the skies clear and blue, the place was packed. However, we live nearby and can walk in, and as National Trust members we frequently walk the grounds here.

Here, Doug took a photo of me taking a photo of him:

It’s impossible to capture the full lushness of the experience, but you get the idea.

I love that you can walk under the wisteria.

The photo below doesn’t have wisteria, but it is a nice shot of me wearing my Treit tee, knitted from a Kate Davies pattern (and which I blogged here). So, if you are only here for the knitting, I am throwing up Trait to appease you. (I love this project to bits and am thinking of doing another; wouldn’t it look great in a wisteria-purple?)

I have both bluebells and wisteria blooming in my back garden, so I’m off to do some knitting while the sun is shining.

6 thoughts on “Peak Wisteria

  1. That Wisteria is truly amazing! Beautiful pics. I love your Treit too. It’s been in my queue for ages and yours has inspired me, so I might need to go down the yarn rabbit hole today to cast it on! xx

  2. I love the wisteria! You can’t have too many flower photos for me… spring is just starting here forsythia and daffodils are blooming. The Treit looks lovely on you, and I would say you need one in every color. πŸ™‚

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