Lambs, and pigs, and bears! Oh my!

This last week of working at home was a doozy.  While I keep hearing about all of the things people are doing to try to combat boredom (some of them quite inventive), I’m not having that problem. Yet. I put in a lot of work hours this week, and didn’t have much time to knit.

The time I have spent knitting was all invested in my Hatcher pullover, which counts as pretty mindless knitting, so good to do when your brain needs a break.  Here is a progress photo:


I have put my lovely new knitting bag to good use, and think it looks very cheery:


Today, Doug and I went for a long walk.  We live in a very small village surrounded by farmland and woods, so we can easily walk for miles without running into people (and those we do happen upon are all very careful to keep an extra wide berth).  I am very aware of how fortunate we are in this regard.  Here I am maintaining proper social distancing from a field of sheep and lambs:


Doug did not maintain proper social distancing from this pig:


Many in my neighborhood are putting bears in their windows for the Going on a Bear Hunt movement.  Doug noticed this bear while we were out walking, but it took me a while to find it:


I continue to have a heavy schedule this week until Friday when the Easter break starts.  I can’t wait for that and am hoping to get some serious knitting done next weekend.

Keep safe everyone!

7 thoughts on “Lambs, and pigs, and bears! Oh my!

  1. I also am working still, and so haven’t really had a schedule shift except that my weekends have fewer demands… which means more time for knitting! This was the first weekend it wasn’t cold and nasty outside.

  2. Your new sweater is looking great! I am also still working from home, which I’m glad of. We don’t have to make the commute, so there’s a little time saving there, but otherwise, pretty much have the same amount of free time. But there’s nowhere to go now on the evenings or weekends, so more time to knit there!

      • Right there with you! It’s only around a 15 minute drive (without stops or detours) back and forth to work, but it’s nice not to have to do it. I miss some of my coworkers, though we do chat online most days.

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