Lockdown Flashback #4

Today, let’s hark back to a post from February of 2014.  Green, glorious green was one of my early Wearability Wednesday posts, and showcases a cabled mohair shawl which I cast on in 2008 and finished in 2010.  I love this shawl.

I also really love this post.  It contains photos of me wearing the shawl over a period of years, in many different ways, and with many different outfits.  I think it shows off the versatility of this piece and also the joyfulness of a bright, lovely, hand-knitted accessory.

Some of these photos were taken at home in England, and some in the desert near Tucson, and when I read this post it brings back lots of memories. I hope you like it.


I later knitted another of these shawls, by the way, which I wrote about here.

If you are in lockdown or self-isolating, I hope that you are well and managing to keep your spirits up.  I’ll be back with another Lockdown Flashback on Wednesday.  Stay safe!

12 thoughts on “Lockdown Flashback #4

  1. I thought I recognized that Lily Chin pattern! This reminds me what a very packable bit of dressing-up a mohair shawl represents – may add it to my queue. I kept that issue of Vogue Knitting for a long time and eventually donated it to a library knitting group.

    • Hi Beth. This is a pattern that is super easy to reconstruct. I don’t think you actually need the pattern itself to make this. It’s basically just cables knitted on 2×2 ribbing so that the pattern is reversible. If you fooled around a bit with a swatch you would get it.

  2. Thanks for sharing! They are gorgeous shawls, and your photos are beautiful too! It’s always neat for me to see how others style things, as that’s not something I’m great at 🙂

  3. You are the reason I knit this. Lipstick pink.

    Did you block yours? I haven’t yet, and it feels narrower than yours

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