Lockdown Flashback #3

For today’s Lockdown Flashback, let’s turn to this post with the lovely title: In which our heroine travels to Rowan Yarn Headquarters and has a breakdown.  The post is from January 2015 and tells the tale of my trip to Yorkshire for an appointment at Rowan Yarns:


Why did I have an appointment at Rowan?  Why did I have a breakdown? More importantly, did I get a goodie bag?  You will have to read the post to find out.  Revisiting this post made me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too.

For those of you currently in lockdown or self-isolating, how are you holding up?  Does knitting help?  Keep safe everyone!!

10 thoughts on “Lockdown Flashback #3

  1. I don’t recall how I tripped across this post in 2015 (I think I’d just learned of Rowan yarns) but it was the first post of yours that I read and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since! 😀

  2. Heavens, that is quite the adventure! And knitting kept you occupied, so glad you had it and the lovely goodie bag! I am sure that you got top marks on that paper!

  3. Glad to read the breakdown was the car, and not you! A Rowan bag of goodies, what a treat. To answer your question, yes, knitting does help during the lockdown, but I don’t have a lot of time to knit. My work is pretty much the same, but now I have the extra task of helping my son do his homework (this is difficult) and usual chores like shopping for food take more time. But yesterday I blocked the two fronts of a cardigan for my husband, and it felt really good.
    What also helps is not listening to the news every day, we just look at the main titles and we’re set. I keep calm and knit on!

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