Getting the hang of it

A few weeks back, I posted about my Bousta Beanie, a fair isle hat which I determined would be the beginning of my personal Project Fair Isle.  As I reported there, I had some difficulties, mostly because this Project is not just about knitting Fair Isle, but about learning to be comfortable with two-handed knitting (holding one strand in each hand).

I have now finished my second project, also a hat, and let me tell you, I am loving Fair Isle knitting!


I love the colours, I love the subtle and the not-so-subtle variations, I love the intricacy and also the simplicity of it (two hands, two sticks, two yarns, two colours to a row).  It feels creative and fun.  And, yes, my left hand is slowly starting to get the hang of it!

This is the Cascade Cap, designed by Janine Bajus of Feral Knitter.  I am officially in love with everything Janine designs and want to make them all.  Some of you may be familiar with her amazing Salmon Coming Home vest:

salmon coming home

© Janine Bajus

The Cascade Caps pattern has two colourwarys: one is knit in neutrals and the other (the one I’ve knit) is called the Winter colourway and the colours were “inspired by a drive across the Cascade Mountains one cold December”.  I’ve made it in the colours the pattern calls for using Jamieson’s of Shetland Spindrift.  I love the way this yarn takes to colourwork:


I love how portable hats are when one is knitting with penguins:


This pattern has the most fantastic crown; I think it is glorious:


I knit this hat for Doug, and am happy to report that he seems to like it:


The hat is knit in fingering weight yarn and is very light, but also warm and quite water-resistant. This is good because Doug is in the UK where it is cold and dark and rainy, while I am back in South Africa again (this time in Jo’burg) enjoying the sunshine. (Not that I would ever gloat about it!)

Yes, I am definitely getting the hang of it!  I’ve already bought the yarn for the next installment in Project Fair Isle!

20 thoughts on “Getting the hang of it

  1. Janine’s designs are great, and she’s also a great teacher of Fair Isle technique. Her class on designing one’s own FI is a gem, as I know from experience, and there’s also her book The Joy of Color for those who live too far from her teaching circuit. (This isn’t paid advertising, just testimony from a fan!)

    • I have to get her book. I think she is fantastic. Not only are her designs gorgeous, but I love the way that she charts the fair isle patterns and colour changes. It is so intuitive and easy to read. I never have to think about which is the dominant yarn and which should be in which hand. How lucky you are to have taken her class!

  2. That hat looks great, and he certainly seems happy with it! Fair Isle knitting is great – definitely addictive 🙂 I love Janine Bajus too – she does such great designs, and has such a nifty method for developing your own FI designs. What is your next project going to be?

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