Pattern Radar – August 2017

I have been in a bit of a knitting funk lately.  I have also been suffering from pattern overkill; the never-ending stream of new patterns has had the unintended effect of de-energising me.  My creative streak has been taking a nap.

Over the past few weeks, however, something has happened.  New designs are being released for the fall, and many of them have made me sit up and take notice.  Without any further ado, here are some of the designs which have captured my attention.

1. Öræfi by G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir


© Ístex

This pattern has just been released today and I think it is fantastic. It hits so many buttons for me.  The mix of geometric patterns, the natural shades, the slouchy shape, the mix of traditional and modern – these are all saying “knit me!”.  If I were my 20-something self, I would knit this in a New York minute.  But hey, I have two 20-something daughters, so this may yet hit my needles.

2. Tangled Up in Gray Pullover by Sloane Rosenthal

Photography for Interweave Knits Fall 2017 by Nathan Rega

© Interweave / Harper Point Photography

The Fall 2017 issue of Interweave Knits has some great sweaters in it.  My favorite is this beautiful design by Sloane Rosenthal.  She is a new designer to me, but this pattern puts her right on my designer radar.  This is a casual pullover but has enough crisp tailoring to make it really stand out.  (The back view is spectacular too.)  This one is going right into my queue.

3. Whiskey Creek Pullover by Amy Christoffers

Photography for Interweave Knits Fall 2017 by Nathan Rega

© Interweave / Harper Point Photography

This edition of Interweave Knits also has three great designs for men. It is hard to pick only one for this post.  I love this design by Amy Christoffers; it is very spare, with lovely details. The shawl collar is elegant in a non-fussy way and stands out against the reverse stockinette of the upper body.  Like many of the other sweaters in this post, it combines the modern with the rustic.  Here is a link (Rav link) to all of the patterns in the Fall 2017 issue; in addition to the other men’s sweaters, the cowl by Kyle Kunnicke is a favorite.

4. Skiddaw by Kari-Helene Rain


© The Fibre Co. 2017

The booklet Fell Garth 2 by The Fibre Company (Rav link) has some fabulous patterns. Again, it is hard to decide which to show here, but this pattern has a very unique shape which caught my eye. It feels fresh and young, with a great swing. Plus, I just love this green! Notice the light shining through the seed stitch on the hem; you can tell the fabric is beautifully light and airy.

5. Loving by Kim Hargreaves


© Kim Hargreaves 2016

Sometimes, simple is best.  I love the great, classic lines of this pullover by Kim Hargreaves, from her new book, Grace.  I’ve knit a few of Kim’s sweaters (I even knit one twice: see here and here).  Her sweaters don’t waste away in the back of a drawer.  This lovely garter stitch pullover would look great at the office or with jeans.

6. Uncloudy Skies by Deb Hoss

Hoss-CloudySkies2-pst_medium2 (1)

© Deb Hoss Knits

Deb Hoss designs lovely, classic sweaters.  If she were an architect, you would say that her buildings had “good bones”.  I haven’t knit any of hers yet, but she is definitely on my radar.  This design has impeccable fit and drape. I think it would suit a lot of people (like me!) and would be eminently wearable.

7. Threipmuir by Ysolda Teague


© Ysolda Teague

Ysolda can always be counted on for her beautiful designs. As she states on the pattern page for Threipmuir: “This yoke is inspired by Icelandic Lopapeysas but the finer gauge provides a larger canvas for more intricate patterning.”  Like the first sweater in the post, the mix of the traditional and the modern is really striking.  I am more likely to wear a sweater made in fingering weight yarn, however, and I love these brilliant hues.

8. Helix cowl by Andrea Rangel


© Harper Point 2017

Andrea’s new book, AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary: 200 Modern Knitting Motifs, hasn’t even been released yet (here in the UK it has an August 25th release date), but this cowl pattern from the book really attracted my attention.  Actually, everything about this book looks great; the stitch patterns seem both modern and fun.  I have it on pre-order and am looking forward to some entertaining swatching when it comes out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Pattern Radar post.  These designs should be enough to pull anyone out of the knitting doldrums.

5 thoughts on “Pattern Radar – August 2017

  1. Some great choices, especially the Kim Hargreaves. They have a sample knit up in the Liberty shop in London and it’s gorgeous in real life, very simple and wearable, and the fabric is just fabulous.

  2. I always love your pattern round-ups! We’ve been talking about Tangled Up over in Yarn Hoars, and I wish I had something in stash for this one! (I’m keeping up with my one in for three out — skeins). Skiddaw also really caught my eye, but I’m not sure about the construction. I should really buy Kim Hargreaves books, but the price always gives me cause to pause.

  3. Twisted Yarn blog has a 30% discount code on Kari-Helene Rane patterns (the skiddaw designer) until 20 August. I’m not affiliated to either – just thought you’d like to have a bit of facilitation!

  4. You always pick out such great patterns, Ones that wouldn’t necessarily have caught my eye! I also felt uninspired by patterns over the summer… So many shawls… So I was pleased to see jumper patterns being released again. I love the grey pullover, and the first one, because even though I love the yoke in Ysolda’s pattern fingering weight for a jumper would take me forever.

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