A bit of knitting progress

I have just arrived in Malaysia where I will be doing some teaching.  I am very jet-lagged and wide awake in my hotel at 3am. This makes it a perfect time to write a post!  I have started knitting again, but cautiously. My hands and wrists are still bothering me.  It started out with my right thumb and wrist and quickly morphed into a more generalized problem with both hands.  I am pretty sure it is a repetitive stress thing.  I stopped knitting altogether for about two weeks, during which I used ice and compression and general idleness (oh no!) to try to fix the issue.  It is still not resolved, but much better.

I reported in this post that I was going to knit a baby sweater for a friend.  I am almost finished with it. (Baby sweaters are so fast!)  Here is a progress photo:


This photo was taken a week ago, and I am further along.  I only have to add the sleeves and do some minimal finishing.  It is an adorable little knit, using the pattern Mignon, from Loop Knitting.

I have also been continuing to progress with Sofi, my Hanne Falkenberg designed jacket.


The body is knit in one piece, which means very long rows and very slow progress, especially for a slow knitter like me (even more so with hand problems).  But it is so gorgeous and so much fun to knit that I am enjoying every minute of it.  We shall see whether I change my mind when I get to the sleeves, however; they are knit in seed stitch. Sleeves in seed stitch: double trouble.


I didn’t want to bring either of these projects to Malaysia.  I did not check a bag so have only a minimal amount of stuff with me.  However, it is a 13 hour flight each way, so at the last minute I searched through my knitting supplies and discovered this little bag, which I had packed at some point with all of the supplies to make a pair of mitts:


Who would have known that I could be so organised?

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    • Hi. I’m responding rather late, I am afraid. Those autumn-shade mitts have hit some technical difficulties; I’ve re-worked twice to no avail. I’ve put them aside for now, but have some new things on my needles. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Glad you are feeling better able to knit. The sweaters are lovely, and the mitts will be. Thank goodness for stash and cute project bags working together!

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