No knitting – bad! New yarn – good!

For the last two weeks I have been unable to knit, due to hand and thumb pain on my right hand.  This has coincided with my two weeks of annual leave, making it doubly frustrating.  It also means that I have no knitting progress to show you.  However, I realise that I have not shared my new yarn purchases.  When I attended Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s workshop at Loop some weeks ago (blogged here), I was able to spend some time yarn shopping as well.

First I bought a skein of The Uncommon Thread BFL Light DK in this pretty shade called “Into Dust”.  You can also see the fantastic button I got that perfectly complements this shade.


I intend to knit a baby sweater with this (gasp!).  Yes, I have another friend having a baby this year, a little girl this time, and I will once again knit a small gift.  (I blogged here about a cute sweater I made for a baby boy last year; as I commented there, I usually knit for big people.)  I plan to knit the lovely Mignon sweater, designed by Loop London, pictured here:


I also spent some time thinking about which of Olga’s patterns to knit first, and what yarn to buy for that purpose.  I decided to knit the Boko-Boko cowl. Here is a photo of me wearing the smaller size:


And here is the pattern photo of the larger size:


I bought a fairly delicate lace weight yarn, so I am aiming at a slightly more ethereal, drapey Boko-Boko.  I bought 200 grams (1200 metres) of the fantastic Isager Spinni in Red, and also bought 4 cones (1240 metres) of Habu silk stainless – a blend of silk and stainless steel – in colour 18, an almost identical red.  I bought enough of the wool and the steel yarn so that I could double up either of them if needed.  I will try swatching with one strand of Spinni held with a strand of the Habu – but if it is too thin to give the pattern some architectural oomph, then I will progress to 2 strands of the Spinni with 1 of Habu. I can also double up on the Habu if needed, but I think this is unlikely.


Of course, I may just fall in love with some other idea for this yarn, in which case I will be fickle.  The red is so gorgeous; for me it is the perfect shade!  Olga’s workshop really made me covet a number of her patterns, so you will definitely see some 3D knitted designs as the year progresses.

My hand is feeling a bit better, so hopefully I can start knitting again soon!

5 thoughts on “No knitting – bad! New yarn – good!

  1. Lovely yarns and patterns! Not easy to handle, especially while on leave ….. thinking of you as you progress through the healing process!

  2. Sorry to hear that your pain has not yet receded, hopefully it will improve soon!
    The red yarn looks very beautiful – It will look great with the 3D pattern and your fair complexion 🙂
    Last weekend I was at Loop too and was admiring that Habu yarn (in a petrol blue)…
    In the end I didn’t buy it because I already had chosen some other summery yarn (not that with our current weather it will be needed…) and the Habu seemed an expensive impulse buy at that point. It looked fabulous though. I wonder how the knitted fabric from it would look? I’m off to ravelry to see if I can find some examples to admire.
    Get better soon and have a lovely weekend

  3. What lovely colours you’ve chosen!

    Sorry you’re having pain in your hand and can’t knit. I’m having pain in my thumb but am taking painkillers and ignoring it! I hope you feel better soon.

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