“Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1987!”

I was looking through some old photos today and came across this:


Yes, this is me in Paris, in 1987.  Note that I am wearing a hand-knitted top and skirt. This top was a favorite and I wore it frequently.  Like most of my old knits, I have no idea what happened to it.  (See here for a post about long-lost sweaters; it is so sad to lose track of hand-knitted items).  I used a pattern for the top, which I believe was a Pingouin pattern, although I can’t find it in my knitting book collection.  The yarn was a cotton in bright yellow with slubs of white.  No notes of any kind remain (my post-Ravelry knitting is much better documented).

I knit the skirt without a pattern.  It is just two rectangles, seamed at the side, with elastic at the waist.  It is knit in cotton.  I wore this outfit all over France that summer.

PS – If you’ve never heard of the Wayback Machine (or WABAC Machine), that’s just sad. You can read about it here.  Mr. Peabody says so.


7 thoughts on ““Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1987!”

  1. what a great photo and outfit! I bet you could recreate that outfit now, just from the photo if you wanted. Those dropped shoulders of the 80’s and 90’s! At least there were no shoulder pads in this one. 🙂

  2. I love this! The memory, the outfit, everything! The yarn sounds like Any Blatt. The local yarn store (there weren’t many of them during that decade) stocked a lot, and I think slubby cotton’s when I think of Any Blatt.

    • Hey Susan, I think you are right. I used to buy a lot of Any Blatt and that definitely rings a bell for this yarn. It’s funny – I have wanted to find this photo since I started the blog. I thought it was lost forever, just like the sweater and skirt.

    • I love Peabody and Sherman! I’ve never seen the movie though. I should fix that. I posted this yesterday and then right afterwards saw the news that June Foray had just died (she was the voice of Rocky the Squirrel and Natasha Fatale).

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