Sommières, and the knitting ain’t easy

Exhibit 1: I am in Sommières, a fantastic spot in the south of France.  Doug and I are attending a workshop on language and mind.  It is the best type of workshop, with a small group of very smart people doing some serious science, and also cooking and eating together, and enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful town, while staying in a lovely villa.

Exhibit 2: I have done something terrible to my thumb.  I do not know what it is or how I did it.  But it means that I can’t knit.  (Or do anything which entails using two hands.) I brought a knitting project with me – my Falkenberg jacket.  I occasionally try to knit a few stitches and give up and stare at it longingly.

Result:  Sommières, and the knitting ain’t easy.

(With apologies to Mr. Gershwin; I could not resist the pun. For those few souls who have not heard the song, the line is “Summertime, and the living is easy.” I read somewhere that Summertime is the most covered song in history.  Which version is your favorite?)


13 thoughts on “Sommières, and the knitting ain’t easy

  1. Oh, no! Visualizing a swift ‘thumb recovery’ for you! Enjoy the rest of your time away with Doug and the group and Take care!

  2. I am SO sorry to hear about your injury!I hope you find the beautiful environment you are in consoling!

    • It was fabulous. We spent a lovely day driving from tiny little hill town to tiny little hill town and walking up and down through picture-perfect narrow streets. Our friend is a local and told us where to go to avoid the crowds of tourists. We had such fun!

  3. Just off the top of my head, Janis Joplins’ version. That bluesy piece might just go along the pain having a thumb out of commission could cause. Best of luck and enjoy your beautiful conference,

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