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Hi. I’m Kelly. I’ve been writing this blog since 2011. This surprises even me.

About me: This is a primarily a knitting blog, so obviously I like to knit and to write about knitting. Sometimes I muse about other things. I have lived in the US, Australia, and Germany, and currently live in the UK with my Canadian husband. I have a PhD in Linguistics, and have taught at universities, been a stay-at-home mom, and managed a neuroscience research centre. When our two daughters left home to attend university in Vancouver, I decided to pro-actively combat Empty Nest Syndrome by enrolling in an Executive MBA programme. Perhaps I should have bought a Jaguar XKF. Instead it led me to my new role as a faculty member in a business school.   I learned to knit as a child, was a fanatical knitter in my twenties, gave it up in my thirties due to repetitive stress injuries, and am now fast approaching fanaticism again. I started this blog rather reluctantly at the insistence of my daughter, Emma, and have become rather attached to the idea. My Ravelry name is kellydawn.e

When the blog started, it was a joint effort between my then 17-year-old daughter, Emma, and myself.  I never would have done this without her.

Emma says: I used to do all of the photography, fashion styling, and tech wizardry (mom’s words, not mine) for the blog.  When we started this blog I was taking a gap year before university and, since I was living at home, I got to work very closely with Kelly on the blog.  Once I moved to Vancouver for university, flying back every week to take photos would probably have been considered uneconomical!  So, sadly, I am no longer as involved with styling, but I still serve as a regular sounding board for ideas and posts and continue to do most of the admin upkeep for the blog.

For the last 10 years, its been mostly me, but I still have a lot of support.

Behind the scenes, I am cheered on by my husband Doug, who takes many, many photos of knitting and yarn, and who is frequently gently mocked on these pages (don’t worry, he gets his own back). The blog also owes much to both my daughters, Emma and Leah, who in addition to everything else, are frequent recipients of knitted garments, and who not only wear them, but brag “My mother made this!” to all and sundry. They have all read each of the 576 posts on this blog (and counting!).

Emma, Doug, and Leah (each wearing sweaters that I’ve knitted for them):

Comments: Any detailed questions or comments too long for the blog can be directed at either Kelly or Emma at: knitigatingcircumstances@gmail.com

Please Ask First: A lot of work has gone into the photos you see on the blog, so please ask for permission before reproducing or distributing the images you see here in any format.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for blogging, I spent a whole evening reading after I looked up some finished projects and yarn ideas for ‘Smoulder’. Best wishes from Amsterdam, Stefanie -MiStrick on ravelry

  2. Hi! I came here via googling short rows, and landed on your picture tutorial: http://knitigatingcircumstances.wordpress.com/tag/german-short-rows/ I don’t see a place to comment there, so I’m leaving this a Thank YOU! here. I thought you might also find this interesting as you posted about short rows. I originally was looking at an Elizabeth Zimmerman blanket on Ravelry, and this user posted photos of all her swatches of short row techniques: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/anomaalik/knitted-garter-stitch-blanket-in-sheepsdown

    I don’t know if Japanese ones are included in there, but maybe that helps.

    Regards, Jessica

  3. Kelly, I just ran across a small knitting magazine produced in the UK called Pom Pom. Are you familiar with it? It looks like they have great contemporary designs. And they are having a 5 yr anniversary party in London in July so, of course, I thought if you! 😋

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