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IMG_0625This is a primarily a knitting blog, so obviously I like to knit and to write about knitting. Sometimes I muse about other things. I have lived in the US, Australia, and Germany, and currently live in the UK with my Canadian husband. I have a PhD in Linguistics, and have taught at universities, been a stay-at-home mom, and managed a neuroscience research centre. When our two daughters left home to attend university in Vancouver, I decided to pro-actively combat Empty Nest Syndrome by enrolling in an Executive MBA programme. Perhaps I should have bought a Jaguar XKF. Instead it led me to my new role as a faculty member in a business school.   I learned to knit as a child, was a fanatical knitter in my twenties, gave it up in my thirties due to repetitive stress injuries, and am now fast approaching fanaticism again. I started this blog rather reluctantly at the insistence of my daughter, Emma, and have become rather attached to the idea. My Ravelry name is kellydawn.



IMG_1781The 22 year old daughter of Kelly, I used to do all of the photography, fashion styling, and tech wizardry (mom’s words, not mine) for the blog.  When we started this blog I was taking a gap year before university and, since I was living at home, I got to work very closely with Kelly on the blog.  Once I moved to Vancouver for university, flying back every week to take photos would probably have been considered uneconomical!  So, sadly, I am no longer as involved with styling, but I still serve as a regular sounding board for ideas and posts and continue to do most of the admin upkeep for the blog.




Comments: Any detailed questions or comments too long for the blog can be directed at either Kelly or Emma at: knitigatingcircumstances@gmail.com

Please Ask First: A lot of work has gone into the photos you see on the blog, so please ask for permission before reproducing or distributing the images you see here in any format.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for blogging, I spent a whole evening reading after I looked up some finished projects and yarn ideas for ‘Smoulder’. Best wishes from Amsterdam, Stefanie -MiStrick on ravelry

  2. Hi! I came here via googling short rows, and landed on your picture tutorial: http://knitigatingcircumstances.wordpress.com/tag/german-short-rows/ I don’t see a place to comment there, so I’m leaving this a Thank YOU! here. I thought you might also find this interesting as you posted about short rows. I originally was looking at an Elizabeth Zimmerman blanket on Ravelry, and this user posted photos of all her swatches of short row techniques: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/anomaalik/knitted-garter-stitch-blanket-in-sheepsdown

    I don’t know if Japanese ones are included in there, but maybe that helps.

    Regards, Jessica

  3. Kelly, I just ran across a small knitting magazine produced in the UK called Pom Pom. Are you familiar with it? It looks like they have great contemporary designs. And they are having a 5 yr anniversary party in London in July so, of course, I thought if you! 😋

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