One more row

The University closes for 6 days at Easter every year, from the Thursday to the Tuesday. Work has been super busy and this comes at a good time. No email for 6 days!

We don’t have any plans for this period, the sun has been shining, and we have not been stuck on a bus trying to get to France. I’d say it is a perfect time to get some extra knitting done, perhaps with some sun and chocolate thrown in.

As if to acknowledge this fact, I got new yarn in the post. Lovely, shiny, white linen yarn to make one smile and think of spring patterns.

The yarn, Kalinka 21, is a 55% linen 45% wool blend from Karin Oberg, which I purchased from Ginger Twist Studio. I used this yarn previously to make my Treit top, and have wanted to knit with it again ever since. As soon as I saw the Joni top by Nastasja Hornby, I ordered the yarn.

© Natasja Hornby

I think it will be really pretty. I am still in my “knit only easy things” phase (my unofficial Covid-recovery plan) and I am hoping that my brain and fingers will find this pattern easy.

In the meantime, I have been powering through my newest shawl. I cast it on a month ago to knit on the plane on my trip to Johannesburg. It is going super fast.

I think this has to do with the nature of stripes. You always want to see what the next stripe will look like and that keeps you motivated to knit “one more row”. Before you know it, it is time to add in another colour.

I am really loving this very relaxing knit. The Garthenor Preseli yarn is soft and feels great on the hands. In fact, I can easily imagine making another of these, maybe in shades of blue. Or green. Or maybe some greys and yellows.

That’s it from me today. Doug is in the kitchen preparing a Sunday roast, we have friends coming by to join us, and the rain is still holding off. I’m going to sit in the garden and knit “one more row”.

4 thoughts on “One more row

  1. Sounds like a well deserved and needed break! Here’s to no queues, no work and more knitting!
    Also to the new pattern I just had to buy – also to the new yarn I will need to source and the time I will need to find to knit a new summer top!

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