Knitters’ Law: When you travel, you can cast on something new

I have been struggling to find time to post the past few weeks. I usually try to write a post every weekend. This past weekend, I was busy teaching. The weekend before, I was in South Africa, also teaching. Lots of teaching, combined with big travel commitments, makes for a tired Kelly.

Here is a very unusual shot of me knitting (unusual because I was at work; thanks to my colleague, Chris, for the photo):

I don’t usually knit at work but in the workshop this weekend there was a section involving art and craft, and while the students were busy crafting, I decided to join in. I am working on the (endless) Koko shawl. Someday I may actually finish the thing.

When packing for South Africa, it was clear that the Koko shawl had to stay home. It is just too big and bulky to carry around and to fuss with on a plane. Obviously, I needed to cast on a new project. (This is my story and I am sticking with it. Besides, it’s a law.) I have a few mitten projects ready to start, with the yarn wound and ready, but I decided that mittens were too fiddly. I knew that the trip would be tiring and I needed a stress-free project. I had a moment of inspiration. I have some lovely skeins of Garthenor Preseli wool in shades of red, pink and orange, which Doug gave me for Christmas:

I suddenly remembered a shawl which I had saved into my favorites many years ago, Stole by Theresa Gaffey. It is knitted lengthwise and consists merely of long stripes of wide rib, which are knitted at a loose gauge.

© Gale Zucker

It seemed like perfect travel knitting. I was mostly busy teaching while in South Africa, but I did have a free Saturday, which I spent exploring and knitting. Here I am in front of the Union Buildings (Parliament) in Pretoria:

And this is where I got some knitting done:

I almost feel guilty sharing these photos because it was snowing here at home at the time. Then again, I needed that sunshine so much!

Knitting stripes is addictive. You keep wanting to get to the next stripe, so it speeds you along. This shawl is going much faster than Koko.

I hope you’ve had a bit of sunshine and a lot of knitting these past few weeks!

14 thoughts on “Knitters’ Law: When you travel, you can cast on something new

  1. That looks like the perfect travel project! I miss your weekly posts but totally understand your other commitments. Chat with us when you can… we’ll be waiting.

  2. I am also a card carrying member of the must-start-new-project when traveling. There is something about being a captive audience that just allows you to truly concentrate. Love your colors! And so glad that you seem to be on the road back to normalcy.

  3. I am flying this weekend to Dallas to visit Nate. My biggest decision is what knitting projects (notice the plural 😁) to bring.

  4. HaHa. I definitely plan “travel” knits. I’m about to do that as I head back to Ohio the end of the month. My tee project is too large. I need a small project for car knitting. I have my eye on the Sophie Shawl with cashmere yarn I just bought at a trunk show. Definitely would make the long drive more enjoyable.

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