A little sparkle

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I kept borrowing Doug’s mittens (these ones) and decided I needed to knit a pair of mittens for myself. Just as I was having that thought, serendipity struck and I received a newsletter from Loop London about a kit for a pretty pair of sparkly mittens. Clearly the universe was speaking to me; I hit the buy button and shortly received a lovely little kit:

The pattern is by Fabienne Gassmann with Loop and is available through the shop. The kit comes in three colours – rose, mustard, and black – and can be found here. (I said to Doug “What do you think of these mittens? I like the rose.” Doug replied, “Those are nice. I like the mustard.” I can’t explain why I then chose the black, but I am glad that I did.) The nice thing about mittens is that they take little time to knit, and then you have warm hands.

Although I am happy with the black, it was very difficult to photograph. In nearly every shot they either looked grey, or there was no sparkle. We tried many times to capture them properly. This is my excuse for the look on my face in the above photo. I was standing there, in the cold, for some time.

Despite the photo to the contrary, the mittens make me smile. They are warm and sparkly and soft.

I am heading to South Africa tomorrow, where my mittens will not be needed. Have a lovely week, everyone, and a little bit of sparkle.

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