Couch potato

The weather continues to be grey and rainy, and I continue to be in “couch potato”-mode. Currently, I am knitting away on three different projects, sometimes switching back and forth between them multiple times a day. I am also (when not engaged with the day job) reading a lot, sleeping a lot, and wasting much time watching the craziness in the US Capitol (and annoying Doug with my real-time commentary on the latter). My Hirne cardigan would surely be done by now if I weren’t faffing around, but I have decided that knitting in any capacity sits outside the parameters of “faffing around”. Hirne will be lovely; I have managed to put in the button bands with the i-cord buttonholes (a new technique for me):

I am also moving along on the Felix cardigan; here is a shot from this morning:

I am completely captivated by the Opus Hat for Doug. The yarn (Opus by Walcot) is so soft and silky and lush, and the pattern is gorgeous. Below is a photo from yesterday. You can see that there is a folded up brim to the inside, in green.

While knitting these three, I am of course spending time contemplating what to knit next. A strong contender? This whimsical pattern, Snip by Bristol Ivy, which dropped into my feed yesterday. I love this so much!

© Bristol Ivy

Here’s to starting out the New Year as a couch potato! Others may judge you, but not I!

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