End of year round-up 2022

It’s the last day of the year. I traditionally post a review of the year’s knitting on this day. I have finished 7 projects this year. The beautiful Caravay sweater for Emma (blogged here):

Two hats:

A very long shawl (the Gresham Wrap, blogged here):

And three tops for me: a t-shirt I designed myself, a tank top modified from the Myrtle pattern by Kate Davies, and a linen t-shirt designed by eri shimuzu (finished projects blogged here, here, and here, respectively).

I am very, very nearly finished with another project, which I should be able to show you in a week or two. I have been thinking “How little I have knitted this year; this review will be quick.” However, I have just checked out last year’s post and realise that, in knitting terms, I am actually on the way up from the knitting nadir of 2021.

This year was marked by Covid. Doug and I became ill in June and it really knocked us flat for 4 months, followed by another three months and counting of continuing long Covid. We are still struggling with some long-lasting impacts, although we are much improved. But I would rather end the year thinking of pleasant things. We had two fantastic and rather long visits with the girls. We spent a month with them in Vancouver at the beginning of the year, and they spent a month with us here in September. We enjoyed lovely family time together (and lots of snow). Doug had his 70th birthday in August, and we found him the absolutely most perfect birthday present ever. I started travelling again for work, and went back to teaching in person instead of on-line! We had a wandering trip through Wales, spent time with old friends, enjoyed the ballet and museums, and I went on another knitting retreat in the Lake District.

And now a New Year is upon us, with new opportunities and adventures awaiting. Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy 2023, filled with good friends, good food, music, knitting, and sunshine!

9 thoughts on “End of year round-up 2022

  1. That red jumper really is beautiful and probably my favourite of your projects, it tempted me then and is calling me again. Maybe I need to add it to my queue. I hope 2023 is a healthier year for you both, Happy New Year 🥳

    • I also adore that red jumper! Warning: it is a serious amount of knitting. At the time, I thought, never again. I nearly did myself in trying to meet a deadline with that. But now that some time has passed, I can really appreciate what a fantastic project it is. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Glad to hear you and hubby are doing better after Covid. I hope you continue to improve. I love your colorful Gresham wrap and I’m very interested in knitting a Myrtle tee. I just love yours.

  3. So glad 2022 had some bright spots for you, in spite of your terrible and prolonged bout with Covid! All your projects are lovely – you always do the most interesting things 🙂 Hoping 2023 is better for you!

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