Flight cancelled twice? Buy yarn.

This week I travelled to Copenhagen on business. I flew in on Tuesday, was scheduled to teach all day Wednesday and Thursday, and would then fly back to Heathrow on Thursday evening. I always stay in the same hotel, a few blocks from where I teach. I take the train from the airport to the Metro station closest to my hotel (Nørreport Station) where there just happens to be a very nice yarn shop. Every time I come or go from the hotel, I pass the yarn shop. This is just one of the perks of teaching in Copenhagen (the other is, of course, Copenhagen).

When I arrived at the Station on Tuesday, carrying my suitcase and briefcase, I realised that the yarn shop (Ulstedet) was closing in 30 minutes and furthermore, I wouldn’t be able to stop in again on this trip because I would be working the whole time. I stopped in, lugging my bags with me, and spent 30 minutes happily browsing. I am pleased to tell you that I resisted the call of the siren, and managed to escape without buying anything, despite being tempted by a lovely wall of silk mohair in luscious shades. (This also allowed me to justify the lobster bisque, grilled langoustine, and lovely wine I ordered that night when I met up with my friend, Erun.)

On Thursday morning when I woke up, I had a message from British Airways telling me that my flight was cancelled and that they had booked me on the next available flight, leaving at 7am on Friday morning. This caused no small amount of chaos. I will not bore you with all of the details, except to say that it was stressful. On the other hand, after I finished my teaching day, thanks to the clocks having changed and my flight being cancelled, I was able to take a walk through the King’s Garden. It was a glorious day in Copenhagen – very cold and frosty, but also sunny with crisp, blue skies.

You can just see the bluebells starting to bloom in the photo above. Despite being bundled up in my winter coat, spring was clearly on the way.

I also had time – can you guess? – to go back to Ulstedet and look at yarn. Despite again being called by the wall of silk mohair in beautiful colours, I resisted. I then sat at an outside table at the market (cold but sunny) and had a quick meal. While there, I texted with my friend June (here is her blog) and bragged about resisting the lure of yarn for a second time.

The next day, I woke up at 4:45am (3:45 UK time) in order to make it to my flight. I got up, dressed and packed, and was just walking out the door when I noticed an email from British Airways saying that they had cancelled my re-booked flight and had re-re-booked me for a flight the next day. I kid you not! Curses on you, British Airways!

Now I ask you: what would you do if your flight was cancelled not once, but TWICE? If you answered “Buy some yarn”, then you understand.

It’s like the universe was telling me to buy yarn. Shouldn’t we listen when the universe talks to us? Especially when it tells us to buy 12 balls of Gepard Kid Seta in a rich, vibrant coral (shade 1008)?

Resistance is futile.

12 thoughts on “Flight cancelled twice? Buy yarn.

  1. Sounds like resisting wasn’t in the cards for you! Having to endure 2 flights being rescheduled couldn’t have been a pleasant experience, especially after having to stay an additional night and getting up so early for the second flight, then finding it cancelled. Enjoy your new yarn, Kelly! Can’t wait to hear what project you plan for this lovely yarn!

  2. Heh. I would have bought yarn at the first cancellation. Oh, and on the day of arrival . . .

  3. Definitely. The universe was giving you a message – the only logical thing to do is go with the flow. And now you have beautiful yarn which is not only stash enhancement, it’s also souvenir yarn, which doesn’t count against any tallies you might be keeping.

  4. For sure the universe was telling you buy the yarn and then the flight will go ahead. My friend and I are going in October so I’ll look for the yarn shop. We were due to both meet at Amsterdam for the same connecting flight but mine got rescheduled and now she is there 6 hours earlier than me. I’m jealous as I’d have happily done some solo yarn shopping.

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