Too stressed to knit: what’s wrong with this statement?

This week I have been overwhelmed with work. I am working long hours. When I’m not working, I am stressing about work. When I am not working or stressing about work, I am stressing about not working.

I am also not knitting. I keep saying to myself “I am too stressed to knit.” Really? I think that perhaps I need a little reminder of why knitting is good for me. Perhaps you need one, too?

Here are some of the reasons why knitting is good for me:

  1. Knitting is fun.
  2. Knitting is peaceful.
  3. Knitting contains rhythmic bilateral movements; these are good for the brain.
  4. Knitting gets my creative juices running.
  5. When I am knitting, I can zone out the world.
  6. I often solve all sorts of problems while knitting, even when not thinking about them consciously.
  7. Knitting can be a lovely solitary task.
  8. Knitting can be a lovely social task.
  9. The knitting community is warm and welcoming.
  10. I love to wear garments and accessories that I have knitted myself.
  11. I love to make hand-knitted garments for my family.
  12. I get a kick out of seeing my family wearing things I knit for them.
  13. The clothes I knit are way better than purchased garments – they last longer and fit better.
  14. Knitting is a craft that has a long history; by knitting I become part of that history.
  15. Knitting allows me to challenge myself.
  16. Knitting allows me to explore ideas.
  17. When you make a mistake, knitting can be easily ripped out and done again.
  18. Knitting feels nice to the hands; it is a pleasing tactile task.
  19. I can express my personality through my knitting.
  20. Knitting allows me to be part of the community of makers.
  21. Knitting gives me a vocabulary for discussing art, creativity, colour, shape, texture.
  22. Knitting gives me an excuse to be quiet.
  23. Knitting keeps my hands busy.
  24. Knitting makes me happy.
  25. Knitters are cool.

Have I missed any? Feel free to add your own in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Too stressed to knit: what’s wrong with this statement?

  1. Just a bit of advice or warning: if you’re knitting when stressed about other things in life, do NOT stress about your knitting. Just noodle around with tester swatches (not gauge swatches for a project) or make simple-minded projects that don’t need to fit precisely or be done by a certain date. Otherwise you’ll just feel worse about life and about knitting.

    • PS: I like your list. I just don’t want people to feel they’ve failed if they’re going through a time when their craft doesn’t lift their spirits.

  2. Dear Kelly, I loved reading your list and yes it is all so true. Knitting is something you can always rely on to make you happy! And that will happen to you again. Love from Jelma.

  3. I often wonder how people who don’t knit cope with life! There have been so many occasions when the only thing keeping me sane is to keep knitting stitch after stitch. I always have something really plain on the go: a scarf or blanket squares in wool that needs using up so I can knit without thinking, especially when other people are talking. I hope you can just pick something up at the end of the day and knit a few rows.

  4. Kelly- I often quote a comment you made (and give you the credit for it). “Knitting is my yoga.”
    My knitting group is meeting indoors next week for the 1st time in 2 years! 🙂

  5. knitting helps me to just enjoy being in the moment, especially if I’m knitting with colours that light me up, and even more so if I’m wearing nail polish that complements my yarn. Then I find that I just enjoy watching my hands making stitches.

  6. Really, there have been times (especially over the last two years) when I was so anxious that I wasn’t able to knit. I found it comforting to hold a project or even just skeins of wool or in my hands at those times , though. Gradually my ability to work on projects returned, and I’m sure yours will too. Don’t add not knitting to the list of your worries!

  7. So sorry to hear about your work stress. Another reason why knitting is good for us …. Knitting allows me to happily pass the time when faced with unproductive, often unplanned, downtime.

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