The race is on

I am racing to finish Emma’s Caravay pullover before we leave Vancouver. I have 4.5 days left. I am also back at work (working from home), so even less available knitting time than that implies. I finished and blocked the front and back before we got here. Below, the two pieces are pinned together to check the size. I think the width and length are both great. Knitting these pieces without having Emma around to check it against was nerve-wracking, but it seems to have worked out.

I have now finished knitting the two sleeves. We are all camping out in Emma’s apartment for the month, which doesn’t provide a lot of room for blocking (plus no carpets or foam blocks), so I have had to use creative methods. I ended up blocking them on Emma’s sofa cushions:

Here, you can get an idea of how we’ve tried to cram this into the small apartment:

I now have to sew in the sleeves, sew the sides together, pick up the stitches around the neck for the cowl, knit the cowl (which is doubled and hemmed), and finish off all of the threads. Oh, most important: I then have to photograph it!

It is absolutely beautiful here. It keeps snowing. We took a short drive on New Year’s Eve up to Horseshoe Bay and Whytecliff Park, and had such a great time.

The day was so clear and bright. It felt like you could see forever.

I like this photo of Doug being silly:

Here is Emma at Whytecliff Park. She was the only one of us to brave the icy path down to the edge:

It was a lovely way to end the old year (and good riddance too!).

It was super frosty cold near the water. Good thing we all have warm knitwear. (Leah is wearing the cowl I knit her for Christmas 2016 in the above photo; blogged here. Doug’s hat was blogged here, and my scarf here.)

One last photo of Horseshoe Bay:

Yesterday, it snowed some more. We are expecting another 15-20 cm tonight (6-8 inches). Wish me luck on the knitting. I am going to need it!

Happy New Year everyone!

5 thoughts on “The race is on

  1. Thinking of you as you are knitting! The colour and style are a perfect combination for a sweater for Emma! Can’t wait to see the finished project! Good luck and hope finishing this with your firm deadline, while working virtually, is not too stressful. So happy for you and Doug that you are spending quality time with your family in BC. Stay safe and well during these crazy times!

  2. Happy New Year to all of you!! 🙂 And thank you for letting us have a glimpse in your familylife, it so heartwarming seeing you all together.
    Have a nice knitting

  3. Such gorgeous photos must be icing on the cake to being all together! good luck with your project. And here’s hoping 2022 only gets better.

  4. The sweater is coming along so beautifully! Good to see your family having such a nice visit together – it seems like a good mix of relaxing and going out to do things 🙂

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