It has been 12 days since I fell and busted up my ankle, and I have been in full recovery mode.  My plan has been to walk as little as possible and to keep my foot raised as much as possible.  This plan has been made easier by Doug cancelling two separate trips to Italy (he was supposed to be in Milan last week and Lake Como this week) in order to cater to my every whim help me out.

The weather also cooperated on the weekend by being sunny and glorious – no doubt the last gasp of summer.  We have one of those outdoor lounge chairs which tips way back, so that your feet are well above the level of your heart (recommended for recovering from sprained ankles).  I spent virtually every minute of both Saturday and Sunday sprawled in this chair in the sun, while Doug cooked for me and brought me bags of ice and ibuprofen and cups of tea.

While this is a lovely pose for recuperating (not to mention being lazy) it is not the best for knitting.  And, if I am to be truly honest, despite being waited on hand and foot, having a badly sprained ankle made me terribly grumpy which also didn’t lend itself to knitting.  I have mostly been reading, or dozing.

I have made some progress on my Sparkling cardigan since my last report. I finished knitting both sleeves, and have seamed one and set it into the shoulder:


I think that it looks rather nice.  I still have to seam the other sleeve, pick up stitches all around the fronts and neck, knit the ribbing, put in the buttonholes, end off dozens of ends, and choose and sew on buttons.  But for the moment, grumpiness trumps industry.

Next week Doug is supposed to be in Sienna and the week after in Beirut, so this is the last week for me to be pampered.  I have to fly to Johannesburg in three weeks so I need to be mobile by then.  In the meantime, I plan to spend as much time as possible with my foot up and a book in my hands.

7 thoughts on “Recuperating

  1. OOh take care – and let those around you cater to every whim (!!) Great piece of knitting there – a silver lining in everything, all that time you can’t do much else means you can knit!

  2. Enjoy the pampering, you need it! I hear you, when in pain, sometimes knitting is not a comfort, but rather a good movie or a good book. Hope you feel much better soon.

  3. Hope you continue to make progress. It’s so frustrating to be suddenly immoble.
    What have you been reading? Anything noteworthy?

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