The best laid plans

Doug and I have just returned from a week in Copenhagen.  I was there to teach a workshop, and then took off the rest of the week for a short holiday.

I taught all day Tuesday (which was my birthday), and in the evening Doug treated me and our good friend Erun to a great celebratory dinner at Koefoed, a very cool restaurant.  We had the fish menu with wine flight, and it was lovely.


On the Wednesday, Erun gave us a great walking tour.  We explored the city:


We ate lunch on a barge in the canal (moules frites – yum!):


Then, on the way back to our hotel that afternoon, I managed to fall off of a curb in a very spectacular manner, ending up sprawled in the middle of the road.  Doug had to practically carry me to the sidewalk and the few blocks to our hotel, after which I spent two days stuck in bed, with a very swollen and painful ankle and a grumpy disposition.  Doug and Erun went out exploring, doing lots of walking all over town, and then gathering together delicacies for picnic dinners in the hotel room – complete with champagne and chocolates – so that I wouldn’t miss out completely.

On the last two days, I did manage to do a few things, very carefully.  Doug had bought me some walking sticks, and complete with a compression bandage and lots of paracetamol and liberal use of taxis, I did the important things.  I made it to a yarn shop (Sommerfuglen). Can you tell from this photo that I am not at my best?


On the last day, the sun came out and it was glorious.  Here I am sitting with my foot up and my walking sticks:


We took a harbour boat tour:


Erun treated us to a fantastic all-you-can-eat shellfish buffet:



However, my ankle continued to swell, and I ended up needing a wheelchair to make my way through the airport on the way home:


Today, a week after my fall, I had an x-ray and discovered that, in addition to the bad sprain, I have a small fracture of the ankle bone.  This means a pretty long recovery period.  Good thing I bought lots of yarn in Copenhagen!


I bought a bunch of green yarn from Isager (an aran weight tweed and some mohair):


And I bought a very pretty selection of yarns from Ito:


I have specific projects in mind for both of these, but will tell you about them in a later post.  Thanks to Doug and Erun for taking good care of me and keeping my spirits up!

Yesterday was our 28th wedding anniversary.  Needless to say, we didn’t go dancing!

25 thoughts on “The best laid plans

  1. Goodness – this is a post of highs and lows. Many congrats on your anniversary. Very sorry to hear about your injury which sounds really painful – poor you. I’m happy for you though that you have all that lovely yarn to play with – hopefully it will offer some consolation during your convalescence.

  2. Oh, Kelly, I’m so sorry to hear this! Yes, good thing about the yarn, but really, to injure oneself while on vacation – such a shame. I can truly sympathize, because I sprained my ankle six weeks ago, tripping while merely walking around our campsite. Treated it with our first aid measures, tape, etc, but I’m still sore and limping. I have a nervous feeling that I too should get an x-ray . . .

    • Oh no, Gretchen. I’m so sorry to hear this. I injured mine just crossing the street. I think that we should both make up adventurous stories to explain how we got injured. “Oh, you know, I was trying to set the Guiness World record for juggling while riding a unicycle downstairs, and I lost my focus when an eagle landed on my shoulder.”

      • “I was chasing a bear out of the campground, when I snagged my ankle . . .”

  3. Ouch, hope you heal up soon. I had a similar, but ultimately less disastrous, trip (the bad kind) on day two of our UK visit with I nosedived on the cobbled courtyard of the Naval College in Greenwich — smooshing my knee and seeing my new camera clatter off several feet over the cobblestones. Camera miraculously survived and I limped on. Glad you’ve got lots of glorious new yarn to keep you busy during your convalescence.

  4. Oh, how painful!!! I am glad that you had a good friend to help you both manage. And very glad there was yarn involved! Yes, I could tell that you weren’t at your put together best!

  5. Wow – what a trip! First of all, happy birthday! I’m glad you got to see what you did, but so sorry for your injury and that you missed out on some of the adventures. Also – fantastic yarn finds! You have some beautiful souvenirs 🙂

  6. Oh dear, sorry the ankle is worse than anticipated but it looks as if it didn’t stop you from enjoying your trip. The yarn looks gorgeous. Curious to see what you do with the Aran weight and mohair.

  7. Oh no, poor you! You seem to have had a great time, though, if we forget the ankle sprain and fracture. Will you be able to get time off work? There’s plenty of knitting time in store for you as you recover, I bet. Still, not a great way to get more knitting done.
    Copenhagen looks so great, I wish I will be able to travel there one day (I’m actually learning Danish right now). And that is a spectacular yarn haul, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for these gorgeous yarns. This green combo is stunning.
    Hope you’ll feel better soon, and the recovery won’t take too long. Happy anniversary!

    • Thank you so much, Agnes. I am very impressed that you are learning Danish! You should definitely get to Copenhagen some day as it is a lovely city. Now that I’ve read your latest post, I think I should have bought some pink yarn…

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