Model knitting

This morning, I fired up my laptop and I saw this:

Kelbourne Woolens, Mojave Collection shoot

© Meghan Kelly

Wow! I love this tank.  I love the eye-popping yellow and the beautiful shaping.  But, man, most of all I love this model!  She models all six patterns in this collection of summer tops designed by Meghan Kelly for Kelbourne Woolens.  Here is another:

Kelbourne Woolens, Mojave Collection shoot

© Kelbourne Woolens

And then, I saw this lovely retro pattern by Norah Gaughan:


© Norah Gaughan

And once again, I love the model.  This design is from a collection of 16 patterns for Berrocco, and she models the whole collection.  Here is a great cowl pattern by Martha Wissing:


© Martha Wissing

Let’s here it for diversity in models!  And beautiful designs to boot.

4 thoughts on “Model knitting

  1. Isn’t it just like the knitting community to be at the forefront of promoting models who do not fit the industry ‘norm’ – like you, I adore these women – the knitting is almost (almost!) secondary. 🙂

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