Library in a telephone booth

In this day and age when everyone has a phone in their pocket and the telephone booth has virtually disappeared, I was pleasantly surprised to see this:


We stumbled upon this lovely old British telephone booth on a tiny village common.  It has been turned into a free book exchange for the community.  The idea is to leave books you no longer want and take ones you do.  What a cool idea: no rent to pay, no staffing needs, no closing times.  If you find yourself without a book to read in the middle of the night (heaven forbid!) all you need is a flashlight and a pair of boots and you can fix what ails you.

I love this idea!  Now to have one for stash yarn……

12 thoughts on “Library in a telephone booth

  1. Here in the states there is a movement to do things like this. Here they are called “Little Free Libraries” where people use little boxes or stands or whatever, so long as it’s protected from the weather, and put book exchanges in them. A yarn exchange does sound exciting too!

      • True, one would hope so. Just slightly jaded with the dishonesty around us sometimes – I imagine a telephone box suitably stacked then raided or vandalised too quickly!

  2. This book-booth idea is so charming, I’ve come back to re-visit it every day since you first posted it.

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