On Form

I finished knitting my “form” pullover and I love it!  It is fantastic!


I love everything about this sweater.  It is comfortable, wearable, light as a feather, RED, stylish, shapely, and, oh yes, RED!  What is not to love?


The pattern, designed by Lori Versaci, is beautiful.  I had some trouble at the start figuring out how to put together the neck bands (which I blogged about here).  Lori very kindly responded to my email with a couple of photos, which helped explain the process.  Once I got that sorted out, however, and got on my way, this sweater practically knitted itself.  I am a pretty slow knitter, and this took me just under 4 weeks – and for two of those, I was practically catatonic with flu and didn’t manage to knit much at all.

The pattern has two length options and two sleeve length options.  I choose the longer length and the longer sleeve length.  I think the look is very 1960s. I have a collection of Vogue Knitting magazines from the 1960s and many of the sweaters had this kind of a feel to them.

The boat neck collar is one of the cool features of this sweater.  Here is a peak at the shoulder:


Other things I love about this are the compound raglan sleeves which are perfectly formed; the armhole depth is perfect, allowing me to move comfortably and naturally and without feeling constricted.  The sleeves are roomy but in a way which I think looks chic rather than loose.  The A-line shaping in the body is lovely; and the positioning of the increases makes it drape so nicely.  Really, I love everything about this pullover.

I don’t have a lot of detail shots, because I am recovering from a bad flu; I gave Doug just 5 minutes to take some photos before I came back inside and collapsed by the fire.  It is, however, lovely in every way.  (It is also unblocked!  And I don’t think it needs any blocking.)


I followed the pattern, EXACTLY, except for two small details: I used German short rows, and I did not do the tubular cast-on or cast-off.  I used my standard, every day cast-on and cast-off.  Why?  Three reasons:

  1. I am lazy.
  2. I didn’t think it would really matter much given the mohair which makes for a fuzzy edge in any case.
  3. I am lazy.

I knit this holding two strands of yarn together.  The first is Isager Spinni, a light fingeringweight 100% wool in Red, and the second is Shibui Silk Cloud, a laceweight mohair and silk blend in the colour Tango.  I used less than 3.5 skeins of each, which means the whole sweater weighs about 270 grams.  Like wearing a cloud!


I knit it with a US7 needle, which resulted in a gauge of 21×30.  The pattern calls for 20×32.  Lori has two samples on the pattern page – one is knit with 4″ of positive ease and the other with no ease.  I was hoping for something in the middle, around 2″ of ease.  I could knit a size 42, giving me 1/2″ of ease, or a 46, giving me 4 1/2″ inches.  Given that my gauge was a bit off, I knit the size 46 and ended up with 44″ across the chest, a perfect 2 1/2″ of ease.


Because I am sick, I haven’t taken the time to dress it up for the photos, but this will be a fantastic work garment, and will also dress up nicely.  (The best I could manage today  was a pop of red lipstick and a fantastic coat!)


It has been a long time since I have knit the same sweater twice, but I am already dreaming of another “form”!

31 thoughts on “On Form

  1. You may have talked me into knitting a “Form”, despite the fact that I haven’t yet knitted a successful topdown sweater, because I do love that early 1960s silhouette. Or maybe I should just knit something out of a ’60s Vogue Knitting – I’ve picked up quite a few of those from eBay – as I’m happy with the dressmaker’s approach to knitting a sweater: flat, in four pieces, and seamed.

  2. Delightful sweater and the colour looks striking on you! Enjoy wearing this beautiful sweater and hope you are feeling 100% soon!

  3. Love, love, love it. Th colour is fab. The lightness I intend to make one exactly the same. Preferably tomorrow! Hope to get to Loop in the next couple of weeks and buy the yarn. Thank you for your inspiration. You look fabulous for someone still recovering. Look after yourself and get well soon.

  4. You look good for a woman who’s been ill – here’s to continued recovery. Thanks so much for drawing our attention to this pullover, and your notes. Looks like a good, wearable stashbuster for me.

      • Yes, this flu is a long slog. Not to scare you, but I didn’t feel anything like normal for eight weeks. Just getting my energy back now.

  5. Funny ….. so busy looking at the lovely red sweater on Kelly, I didn’t even notice the snow on the ground!

  6. This sweater is perfect in so many, many ways. Once again, you hit a home run, and bring attention to a pattern that had totally escaped me. And, where can I get a cool coat like this???

    • Thanks, Susan. OK – here is the coat story. This coat was hanging in the window of a chic boutique in Henley-on-Thames (my local village). It is by Valentino Red. I passed it for months, stopping to gaze longingly at it every time. It cost £800 ($1100) which is WAY out of my range. Shortly after New Year’s Day, I received an email that the boutique was having a clearance sale – they listed some of the sale items. Included was this coat, of which there was only one remaining – in my size! For £50 ($70)!!!!!! Doug and Emma and I were just leaving the house to drive into London and I raced down the stairs, shouting that we had to drive into Henley and grab a coat. Doug double-parked while Emma and I raced into the shop, grabbed the coat off the rack, and bought it! The town is a 12 minute drive from my home, and I bought the coat 15 minutes after receiving the email!

      • Miracles DO happen! What a happy stroke of luck – that is one fabulous coat.

      • The shopping gods were with you! The sweater is beautiful – looks fabulous with/without the coat!

  7. I love it! I love it on you! You managed to make it fit exactly how you originally thought about the fit, which means… you might need to make another. I had this experience five times before. I mean this time RED, which is so totally AWESOME. But I could see why you may need just one more COLOR. Nothing wrong with knitting an addictive sweater many times so it looks like you slayed it every time you wear it!

  8. Isn’t it marvellous when the perfect project comes around – perfect yarn combo plus perfect pattern. You look fabulous, and that coat – gorgeous!

  9. Kelly, this sweater is gorgeous on you!! Fit, Color and Yarn are perfect.
    I never make a tubular cast-on either, I think they get too stretched out.
    Love the coat too 😉

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