I’ve just remembered that I haven’t yet posted photos of my Offbeat mitts.


I am really happy with these.  The pattern was designed by Anna Elliott.  I have wanted to make them since I first saw them on Kate Davies blog here (they were designed to be  knit with Kate’s yarn, Buachaille).  There is a matching hat design, but it is the mitts which really captured my attention.  Aren’t they pretty?


They were not the easiest mitts for me to knit; the problem arising not from the very well-written pattern but rather from my lack of skills in stranded knitting on DPNs, which I discussed in this previous post.

I noted in that post that blocking produced miraculous results.  As proof, I present the below photo, showing a blocked mitt on the left, and the rather pathetic-looking unblocked mitt on the right.


The moral of this photo is to persevere; knitting is a very forgiving sport!


(If you are interested in the sweater I am wearing here and in the top photo, it is the Leyfi sweater designed by Romi Hill and blogged here.)

I knit the Offbeat mitts in Buachaille – which is a lovely yarn that becomes even more lovely with each time you wear it.  The mitts are surprisingly soft, warm, and cosy.  I took them out for a walk a few weeks ago:


I like this photo because it shows me wearing three mis-matched hand-knits, which manage nonetheless to look great together: the Offbeat mitts, my Peerie Flooers hat, and my gold Cabled-rib shawl.

For the knitting purists out there, here is the obligatory shot of the reverse side.


I highly recommend this pattern.  And if you have a chance, you should knit them in Buachaille.  It makes for lovely mitts.  (This is my third pair of mitts in this yarn.)  It is hard to describe how lofty and sheep-y the yarn is, and how nice it feels on the needles.  And look at how the colours glow in the sunshine:


I have come down with a flu bug.  My prescription?  Watch the Olympics and knit.  Sleep.  Repeat.

16 thoughts on “Offbeat

  1. Hi Kelly, gorgeous hand warmers. Hope the flu doesn’t last too long. At my studio sale last week and old friend from Cap College (now Uni) came by and showed me some amazing socks she’s been knitting. I told her about your blog and she’s following you now. Don’t know if you’ve seen these books of sock patterns, but they are:
    Op Art Socks by Stephanie van der Linden and Sockupied by Anne Merrow
    You’ve probably seen these already, but just in case … They looked like something you’d like to be whipping up in an airport on your way to some other exotic destination. Feel better soon!

  2. Love them. They turned out beautifully. The pattern has been in my favorites for a while. Nice to be reminded about them. Very tempting to knit but I must finish other projects.

  3. Great mitts, Kelly. And I totally agree with you about the properties of Buachaille – it’s a lovely yarn to work with. Sorry to hear about the flu – hope you feel much better soon. x

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