Swatch this space!

I have knit two more swatches to look at different colour options for my new project.  (See my  last post for info, although I have been purposely vague regarding the pattern). Here is Swatch #3:


And here is Swatch # 4:


This now gives me a total of four swatches to decide from:

Clockwise from top left, this gives us:

  1. Swatch #1.  4 colours: navy, cream, light blue and red; flowers in white with red centres
  2. Swatch #2.  5 colours: navy, cream, beige, light blue and red; flowers in light blue with red centres
  3. Swatch #3.  3 colours: navy, cream and red; flowers in white with red centres
  4. Swatch #4.  5 colours: navy, cream, mustard, green and light blue; flowers in light blue with white centres

I have a total of seven shades of the yarn (Gilliat de rerum natura), and there are at least 6 design elements (given that the background will be navy).  This makes for many, many more combinations of possible colours.  I have still not decided what I want, but I am tired of swatching.  I want to get on to the sweater knitting!

I think that if I were to order these swatches from best to worst (for me), I would say: 3, 2, 4, and 1.  I find Swatch #1 feels a bit too childlike, Swatch #2 is pretty nice although subtle, Swatch # 3 is pretty good and almost nails it but still seems a bit stark to me, and Swatch # 4 is very interesting but gives a totally different “feel” to it.  Swatch # 3 feels Norwegian to me, while Swatch # 4 feels rather Central American.

It has been many years since I have indulged in this level of swatching.  The last time was for my beautiful sweater Ormolu, which I blogged about here (way back in 2013).  Here is a photo which shows off it’s beautiful colourwork:


and here is a photo of the swatches I made:


What to do now?  Well, I am thinking very positively of making  the sweater in a cross between Swatch #3 and Swatch #2.  It would involve basically using the colour plan for Swatch #2, but switching out the middle pattern (the 3-row horizontal bar) so that it was in red with blue accents.  Choices, choices….

13 thoughts on “Swatch this space!

  1. Anything you do will look great, OF COURSE! My preference is either 4 or 2. But as I don’t have to knit it or wear it or look at it, I don’t think you should put much stock in my preferences, lol.

  2. I think we all know how important it is to swatch, but so much more fun when trying out different colour ways like this. I like number 1 best, and your Ormolu sweater is fabulous. 🙂

  3. Hi there,

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. I really like swatch 3, but agree with you that it is stark. What if you put the mustard colour on swatch 4 in the same place on swatch 3? That breaks up the white and navy a bit. What do you think?

  4. Hello Kelly,
    It is very interesting that you mentioned your lovely Ormolu by Barbara Gregory in your post.
    I consider Barbara as a designer with a very sophisticated color sense. I’ve read her pretty old article in the Knitty magazine where she reworked a color chart for one of her designs – Bacardi.
    If you didn’t read the article, you may find it helpful:
    = Kind regards, Lora
    PS: Your Ormolu is stunning.

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