How to make your knitting habit appear cost-effective

Are you worried about how much your knitting habit costs?  More to the point, are your spouses/parents/children/friends worried? Do you find yourself trying to explain away the boxes of expensive hand-dyed artisan yarn, beautifully-tooled exotic wood knitting needles, shelves full of pattern books, trips to wool festivals, etc?  Then this post is for you!

Yesterday I received a promotional email for Selfridge’s (a department store) advertising “seriously smiley knitwear”.   “Hmm,” I thought, “Let’s check out this season’s designer knitwear!” It made me happy!  I was especially happy to see the prices!  (Prices were quoted in pounds sterling; I have given US$ equivalents at today’s exchange rates. The photos are from Selfridge’s webpages.

1.  Rag & Bone (£495; $650)


2.     Altuzarra (£950; $1,247)


3.   Balenciaga (£815; $1,069)


4.   A F Vandevorst (£800; $1,050)


5.      Alexander McQueen  (£840; $1,102)


6.     Calvin Klein (£900; $1,180)


7.     Thom Browne  (£1,160; £1522 – this one is sold out!)


My oh my!  We have two things to cheer about fellow knitters!

1 – RED!!!!!  Just because.

2 – The magic all-purpose reason why your knitting habit is cost-effective! (“But you know, honey, that by knitting this 100% cashmere chunky turtleneck, I am saving around £500 on yarn costs alone!  We should definitely be drinking some champagne while I knit to celebrate my thriftiness, darling!  Even better, we should be drinking it in Fiji!”)

19 thoughts on “How to make your knitting habit appear cost-effective

  1. This is so funny that I should be reading this while watching Selfridges Netflix show 🤣 but indeed prices are 😅

  2. Gosh, those knits are so overpriced, they’re not even that special in my opinion… And I would be curious to check the material composition, I bet not pure wool 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! A(nother) good reason to buy yarn 😉

    • I must say that I would buy the Alexander McQueen or the Balanciaga if I lived in an alternate universe in which I had that kind of cash! (And in which I were thin.) These appear to be made in the finest wools and cashmeres; they still cost way more than it would to buy the yarn. (Which is not usually the case, as I find knitting a sweater is not the cheap option in general.)

  3. This is why, whenever someone offers to pay me to knit a sweater I always say, “you can’t afford my knitting in retail prices.” This made me laugh, and also consider buying more yarn because every time I buy some, I’m saving serious money!

  4. I like the way you think! Some of those are very nice (but not for the price or even half the price). And then on the other hand, I knit basic hats for donations using acrylic yarn. I then see something similar in Target for $5. I inspect them and see the same 2×2 ribbing that I use, etc. To just buy a skein of the yarn is almost $5.

  5. lmao!! I am rethinking those 2 skeins of $215. EACH (per skein) handspun which I passed up yesterday!! Thanks for a fun post!!

  6. #6!!!!! Over a thousand dollars. And it’s wool blend!!!

    (BTW, for money saving, I’ve declared that frogging cuts the price in half, and you get a twofer from the yarn. Because it really is about the knitting.)

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