Sad and angry

This week’s news has left me overwhelmingly sad and incandescently angry.  I seem to have the seven stages of grief mixed up, or maybe they are all coming my way at once.  I am too sad and angry to write a knitting post, something that normally makes me smile.  I continue to knit.  It turns out that sadness and anger make for very productive knitting.  I have two finished projects to show you and quite a few new projects on the needles.  I will tell you all about them when I get my words back.


Mothers and daughters: we won’t wait another 100 years


11 thoughts on “Sad and angry

  1. I, too, am devastated and worried about the future of my country. I always have and always will respect the presidency, but I cannot and will not respect the president-elect. I will take the same stand as Elizabeth Warren who said: “We will stand up to bigotry. No compromises on this one, ever. In all its forms, we will fight back against attacks on Latinos, African-Americans, women, Muslims, immigrants, disabled Americans — on anyone. Whether Donald Trump sits in a glass tower or sits in the White House, we will not give an inch on this,” she said. “Not now, not ever.”

  2. I did not vote for Hilary because of her sex, but because she was the only means of preventing the election of someone with no integrity what so ever. I too am devastated.

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