On knits that last, Kate Davies patchwork, a Canadian train trip and a very cool wedding

One of the nice things about having a holiday is that I have some time to catch up on my reading.  In this edition of Surfing the Knit, an occasional series in which I bring you cool things I’ve read on the net, I give you four great posts from knitting bloggers (not all of them about knitting).

1 – October is the month is which many bloggers write about slow fashion, inspired by Karen Templer and her blog, Fringe Association.  Of the many great October posts in this vein, one I really enjoyed is Leah’s post What makes a good knitting investment?  #Slowfashionoctober on her blog, Fashion: Yarn Style.  I like Leah’s posts because she is (1) a terrific knitter, (2) an enthusiastic fan of couture, both from an aesthetic and a technical perspective, and (3) a very thoughtful writer and blogger.  Here she talks about the costs of hand knitting a wardrobe, and what constitutes a good investment.

2 – Last week Georgie (georgievinsun on Ravelry) put up some photos of an amazing patchwork blanket she made.  It is composed of large squares, each one knit with a stitch pattern from a Kate Davies pattern.  It is SUCH a clever idea, and looks amazing.  Luckily, Georgie has just put up a post about it on her blog, which you can see here.  I am in awe. Here is a photo (used with permission) but I urge you to go check out her post for more photos and the story behind her inspiration.


© georgievinsun

3 – I love the blog Julia Hedge’s Laces, written by Ravelry’s BlitheSpirit.  This blog is sometimes about knitting, and sometimes about travel and other general musings.  Last week she wrote a lovely post, Taking ‘The Canadian’ across the country (well half of it anyways…).  In her words:  “I recently went back to Toronto to celebrate my mum’s 80th birthday.  As a treat, she really wanted to repeat a journey across Canada that she did almost twenty years ago, taking the train from Toronto to Vancouver; I was more than happy to accompany her.”  It is a photo-heavy post which makes me want to fly to Toronto right now and hop on a train!

4 – I have mentioned Marzi’s blog before, as an example of a really great non-English language knitting blog.  Marzi has recently gotten married, and she published an absolutely gorgeous post, The best day ever, with photos from the wedding.  You do not have to read a word of Polish to appreciate this gorgeous wedding photo post; it is so stylish, sweet and joyous, it will put a smile on your face!  Congratulations, Marzi!

3 thoughts on “On knits that last, Kate Davies patchwork, a Canadian train trip and a very cool wedding

  1. Thank you so much for these wonderful links, Kelly! That patchwork is insanely beautiful. And I really appreciate you mentioning my blog. 🙂 Your wearability posts are my favorites, I love your reflections on what handknitted garments and elements really make the knits lasting and worthwhile. 🙂

  2. I am excited to see Leah’s post on what makes a good knitting investment. Your ‘Wearability Wednesdays’ posts are, in my opinion, a big part of what make your blog so special. Hoping to see others take on the subject! Thank you for spreading the word.

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