The only WIP still standing

Now that I have the prospect of free time for knitting, I must come to grips with the fact that I have only one project on the needles.  It’s boring.  It’s endless.  And since I can’t make up my mind about what to knit next, if I want to knit at all I have to power through and finish this.


Last weekend I took both shawls – the finished green one (now many years old and needing a good wash and block) and the not-yet-finished gold one – and laid them out on the grass, with the gold overlapping the green.  Pretty, huh?  I love how neat the edge on the gold shawl is – that’s the actual edge, not a photo-shopped splice.

I was trying to get a photo which would show how much remained to be knit.  It turned out to be a pretty difficult thing to get in one shot; here’s the best I could do (the angle distorts everything):


I’ve been making steady progress all week so it’s even closer now.  I just added in the last ball of yarn!!!!!  I think I will be done within a week or so, and then a terrible problem emerges.  What next?  I am suffering from over choice.  There are so many gorgeous patterns out there begging to be knit that I have descended into a pattern paralysis, so to speak.  While I remain in this state of indecision, I will keep on ribbing.


Have a good weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “The only WIP still standing

  1. Wow! Really nice. (I couldn’t imagine having only 1 WIP. A few weeks ago I literally cast on 5 projects- in addition to a few I already have. Now I am making myself finish them 1 by 1. OK, after I finish a few I will probably cast on another 1 or 2.) Happy Knitting!

  2. You cold always look at the yarn you have and see if you have a pattern that works with it. If more than one match – draw a straw 😉

  3. Oh, I also have a project like that! And the biggest problem is that I can’t even work on it because I get custom orders one after the other. (which of course is good but in the expense of a particular wip!)

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