The long and the short of it

On the left, my fabulous green Reversible Cabled Rib Shawl, completed in 2010.  On the right, my gold Reversible Cabled Rib Shawl, a work-in-progress:



I thought I was making excellent progress until I saw the photos!

Its a cold, windy day in southern England today; too cold and windy to be taking these shots.  But now I am sitting inside with my knitting and hot chocolate, and watching The Princess Bride for the umpteenth time.  Maybe I’ll finish it soon.  Inconceivable!


11 thoughts on “The long and the short of it

  1. it IS coming along well, you know it will suddenly be done. I have one, also fine yarn and tiny needles, that seems to stay the same length no matter how much I work on it. I suspect yours is the same? Have faith – when it si done it will be so worth it. 🙂

  2. It is going to be SO worth it. Keep plugging away! I’m going to put my KSH Stripe scarf out of its misery very soon. Three 50g (never-ending!) balls worth of knitting. The end result will be sublime, just like your scarf. You’ve also reminded me I haven’t worn mine this season. I think it might be time to pull it out of hiding.

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