Too lazy for words

Today I find myself in a rather strange position: I am too lazy for words.  I would like to tell you all about my slow but steady progress on the lovely Laelia cardigan, designed by Hanna Maciejewska.  I would like to wax lyrical about the magical qualities of the Merino Silk Fingering yarn  by The  Uncommon Thread.  I would love to describe in glowing detail the luminosity of this particular shade of orange.  But today I am lazy.  I want to knit, and drink my coffee, and empty my mind.  So today, dear readers, you must be satisfied with photos.  As luck would have it, Emma is home, and she kindly snapped some shots for you.




IMG_1287IMG_1282Enjoy your Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Too lazy for words

  1. I’ll come out of lurking just to tell you to enjoy your summer and your beautiful knitting and your wonderful family and your newly renovated house…

  2. Thanks. I put down my knitting of a fall cardigan a few months ago. I just wasn’t feeling it. You have inspired me to pick it back up so it is ready for fall. This pattern/yarn is knitting up beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

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